The Go-to Source for Tips and To-Dos for Pre-Seed Entrepreneurs

Rev1’s Entrepreneur Toolkit is a handy, easy-to-use collection of practical tips and tools curated especially for entrepreneurs and founding teams. Think of the Toolkit as an online extension of the company-building instruction delivered in Rev1’s investor startup studio.

Using the language of entrepreneurship, the Toolkit matches milestones, risks, and critical success factors to each stage of startup growth. These blogs teach entrepreneurs what to do and how to do it.

 Mitigate Risk · Achieve Milestones · Intentional Networking ·  Next Steps

For Pre-seed Stage startups, it’s all about defining your product concept, validating the market, and assessing the differentiating features that drive your business model for your company and the cost- justification model for your customers.

Mitigate Pre-Seed Stage Risk –  Corporate Structure. Contracts. Taxes.
Pre-Seed Stage Milestones – Market Validation. Business Model.
Pre-Seed Stage Networking –Trusted Relationships. Advisory Boards. Talent.
Next Steps – Operating Excellence. Competitive Intelligence. Bootstrapping.

Whether your idea is still just a dream or already has an address, there is no one-size-fits-all, turnkey approach to starting your company. The first thirty days of any new venture will prove that. On the other hand, many of the same issues and risks are present in almost all advanced technology start-ups.Use our experience to help your company succeed. Contact us.