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Part startup accelerator. Part venture capital fund. The hub of entrepreneurship in Central Ohio.

Rev 1 is located in Columbus, Ohio—the #1 fastest-growing startup city. We provide entrepreneurs with a unique blend of resources—services, connections, and funding—to turn great ideas into successful businesses.

When it comes to entrepreneurship in Central Ohio, we are the go-to-team. Entrepreneurs of every stripe and startups at every stage come to Rev1. We supply the right resources at the right time.

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For entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique blend of resources and funding to develop tech-enabled companies that are in high-demand, Rev1 is a one-stop venture development organization.

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For entrepreneurs who are starting Main Street businesses or those which may be growing but not considered high-growth, we help make connections to partner services.

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For those who want to be part of the entrepreneurial tsunami that’s happening in Columbus, get involved at #startupCBUS.

Rev1 is the most active seed fund in the Great Lakes Region.

Columbus has become the number one city for scaling startups because of the robust infrastructure and the region’s dedication to fostering business growth. Rev1 is at the hub of that and we are excited to support every type of entrepreneur.

For companies that are fit for our high growth business model, Rev1 brings the full power of our resources and network to help mitigate risk and build a company that is investable.

Rev1 works hand-in-hand with angels, VCs, our corporate and community funding partners, and the Ohio Third Frontier. We manage an $60MM continuum of capital that provides innovative Ohio tech startups with the opportunity to secure the early stage venture capital funding they need to advance and prevail.

Rev1 Seed Capital Fund - Ohio

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