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Enterprise Software & Data Analytics

7signal Sapphire fills the gaps in enterprise WLAN network solutions.
Learn more about 7signal Sapphire
Simplify and accelerate the processes that prevent new hires from getting to work so you can hire up to 90% faster at half the cost.
Learn more about Able Software Inc.
Aware provides the solutions you need to address compliance, data governance and human behavior risk within enterprise collaboration networks.
Learn more about Aware
Overcomes barriers to gathering and processing data in challenging environments.
Learn more about AwareAbility Technologies
Brand Thunder is the innovator of customized web start pages that drive increased awareness for brands and productivity for enterprises.
Learn more about Brand Thunder, LLC
Turning imagery into property-specific intelligence.
Learn more about Cape Analytics
Clarivoy is the Auto Industry's Leading Provider of Multi-Touch Sales Attribution and Advanced Digital Targeting Tools.
Learn more about Clarivoy
A collaborative platform for experiential learning projects.
Learn more about EduSourced
Working with the leading brands to unite their products with influential online stores.
Learn more about F13 Works
Improve the customer experience and reduce inefficiency with automation powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Learn more about Flyreel
Ghostwave creates stealthy radars that are immune to jamming and interference.
Learn more about GhostWave
Uses proprietary technology to enable the world’s first true last mile video delivery via advanced, cloud-based, predictive algorithms.
Learn more about inmobly
Innovate IP is a modern web-based platform for institutions to manage their IP with a built-in CRM and finance module.
Learn more about Innovate IP
Develops cloud-based technology for interactions between mobile phone-using employees and back office personnel for data and media sharing.
Learn more about Intelligent Mobile Support
iReconCars is the only platform that connects vendors, dealers, and consumers to automate and optimize the process of reconditioning used cars.
Learn more about iReconCars
Matsaki Technologies is developing an infrared system to enable utility company crews to identify and evaluate the danger of natural gas leaks.
Learn more about Mataski
An all-in-one reality capture system that produces stunning 3D walkthroughs, virtual reality experiences, video, technical assets, and more.
Learn more about Matterport
Provides insight into emerging technologies, organizations, and experts in order to provide actionable intelligence to business leaders.
Learn more about Mavenview
MentorcliQ drives employee engagement, development, and retention through an award-winning mentoring approach and technology.
Learn more about MentorcliQ
Metrolinked, LLC provides online tools for families to organize and manage their lives within their community.
Learn more about Metrolinked
Mobikit bridges the gaps in connected vehicle infrastructure, allowing you to focus on product and consumers, not data wrangling.
Learn more about Mobikit
ORIS Intelligence delivers actionable insights that preserve pricing integrity for manufacturers.
Learn more about ORIS Intelligence
Peerro is the career pathway platform for young people seeking hourly positions and employers seeking quality hires.
Learn more about Peerro
An employment testing platform that gives you the Green Light to hire right and a portal to resources to manage
and mitigate employment risk.
Learn more about Portal Green
A cloud-based platform provider that powers sales and demand forecast accuracy with insights into factors that drive enterprise performance.
Learn more about Prevedere Inc.
Create and curate beautiful, well-designed printed products.
Learn more about Print Syndicate
Simplifies supplier and asset management for organizations that want to automate their workflow and expense management process.
Learn more about ProcureSafe, Inc.
The best way for today's rap enthusiasts to create, collaborate, and connect with tomorrow’s stars.
Learn more about Rapchat
SafeChain makes real estate transactions safer and simpler.
Learn more about SafeChain
Helps companies maximize revenue, increase sales, and acquire their total addressable market.
Learn more about
A transportation network that is software-driven and designed to change behaviors and prepare communities
for autonomy.
Learn more about SHARE
Strongsuit is redefining the future of home life management
Learn more about Strongsuit
SureImpact, a customizable, cloud-based software platform that allows mission-driven organizations to easily manage their unique social impact.
Learn more about SureImpact
Consolidating business intelligence, optimizing potential return.
Learn more about T-Pro Solutions, Inc.
Teraki is the leading supplier of edge processing software for the Automotive and IoT industries.
Learn more about Teraki
Frictionless ticketing meets transparent pricing with TicketFire, the easiest platform for buying, selling and transferring event tickets.
Learn more about TicketFire
Creates positioning systems and products that work inside buildings to track people and things.
Learn more about Ubihere
Unific integrates e-commerce and marketing automation.
Learn more about Unific
Upshift is a digital staffing platform that connects businesses in need of extra help with a pool of pre-vetted W-2 Workers.
Learn more about Upshift

Digital Health / Healthcare IT

Ambassador Software Works is an SaaS provider for hospitals' patient satisfaction.
Learn more about Ambassador Software Works
Fast and cost-effective method for carriers to perform Independent Medical Exams.
Learn more about Authentic 4D
Clarigent Health uses AI to provide clinical decision support to mental health professionals.
Learn more about Clarigent Health
Complion, founded by clinical researchers and coordinators, ensures compliance while minimizing the regulatory burden.
Learn more about Complion
DASI simulations is about making heart surgery smarter by empowering physicians and patients with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence
Learn more about DASI Simulations
SaaS-based precision medicine software suite focused on the lifecycle of the biospecimen from specimen capture through diagnosis.
Learn more about Deep Lens
Creates guardrails that keep pharmacy expenditures in line with your contract and ensures your plan design is implemented by the PBM.
Learn more about Healthplan Data Solutions
Connects student-athletes, parents, and coaches with a certified athletic trainer via a telemedicine video app for triage through recovery.
Learn more about Healthy Roster
Provides an integrated digital health & wellness ecosystem that pairs cloud-based software, health informatics sensors, and inclusive equipment.
Learn more about IncludeHealth
Kare Intellex is a mobile platform designed to enable caregivers to run an entire homecare visit through a smartphone.
Learn more about Kare Intellex
WoundWiseIQ, from Med-Compliance IQ, revolutionizes wound care with digital imaging analytics.
Learn more about Med-Compliance IQ
Online Education Courses and Certificate Programs For Professionals to Meet Continuing Education Requirements and Best Practice Solutions.
Learn more about NeuVanta
Leading the way in mobile, eyecare diagnostics.
Learn more about OcuDoc
PriorAuthNow is the simplest, most economical way to submit, monitor, and complete prior authorizations.
Learn more about PriorAuthNow
An integrated prescription delivery and medication reminder service. 
Learn more about ScriptDrop
Manage all of your patient communications, referrals, and faxes in one web-based universal inbox that is fully integrated with your EHR.
Learn more about Updox

Life Sciences

Developing precision-based therapeutics for stroke.
Learn more about Basking Biosciences
Celenex, a spinout of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is developing treatments for rare genetic diseases.
Learn more about Celenex
Developing a therapy and vaccine to treat and prevent pneumonia.
Learn more about Clarametyx Biosciences
Advancements in flow cytometry and cell separation.
Learn more about Core Quantum
Cryothermic Systems utilizes induced hypothermia as a therapeutic tool to help improve neurological outcomes.
Learn more about Cryothermic Systems
EndoSphere is a medical technology company that has developed a first-in-class, non-invasive endoscopic devices.
Learn more about EndoSphere
Developing a ventilation device for airway maintenance.
Learn more about Hewitt Airway Maintenance
Invirsa's lead compound, INV-102, combats viral conjunctivitis (viral pinkeye) by enhancing the body's own ability to fight the disease.
Learn more about Invirsa
Koru Biopharma targets cancer cells and prevents abnormal cell division.
Learn more about Koru Biopharma
Developing a novel soft bifocal contact lens.
Learn more about Lentechs
Determining the effect of LYST antibody on inhibiting the formation of tissue engineered vascular graft stenosis.
Learn more about Lyst Therapeutics
Delivers protein bioinformatic solutions that help pharmaceutical companies speed up the development of their precision bio-drugs.
Learn more about MassMatrix
Developing an adeno-associated virus (AAV) delivered
follistatin protein for muscular dystrophy patients.
Learn more about Milo Biotechnology
Motivational Medicine, housed within OhioHealth, is developing an apparatus for deep tissue therapy.
Learn more about Motivational Medicine
Developing pioneering treatments for limb girdle muscular dystrophies.
Learn more about Myonexus Therapeutics
A medical device manufacturer for rotator cuff, wound care, vascular graft, and hernia mesh applications.
Learn more about Nanofiber Solutions, LLC
Developing a simple, effective wound dressing to restore normal healing to chronic wounds and disrupt the wound care market.
Learn more about Noxsano
Protein Capture Science is an innovative biotech company that specializes in affinity tag-based purification platforms for basic and applied res
Learn more about Protein Capture Science
A new way to get a whiter smile.
Learn more about SafeWhite
A preclinical stage company developing innovative therapies devoted to having a transformative impact on the delivery of microbiome therapeutics
Learn more about Scioto Biosciences
A brand new 503B outsourcing facility. Bringing Safety, Transparency, Availability and Quality to compounded medications.
Learn more about STAQ Pharma
TheraVasc uses a repurposed sodium nitrite formulation to treat ischemia in patients with peripheral artery disease.
Learn more about TheraVasc
A device and IT platform to deliver therapeutic sounds to neonates to promote optimal development of cognition and language skills.
Learn more about Thrive Neuromedical

Foodtech & Agtech

3Bar Biologics delivers a sustainable microbe inoculant system that help farmers increase crop yield without changing the way they plant.
Learn more about 3Bar Biologics
BeeHex is a robotics company modernizing food preparation and personalization with the 3D printing system of the future.
Learn more about BeeHex
Provides real-time pathogen testing with its RapidScan handheld testing system, with a goal of making foodborne illness a thing of the past.
Learn more about Proteosense

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

Agile Ultrasonics has invented a new, efficient approach to laminating composite materials.
Learn more about Agile Ultrasonics
ALC Innovations (ALCI) develops natural formulations for eco-friendly cleaning products.
Learn more about ALC Innovations
Revolutionizes the reduction of sound, shock and vibration for industries from automotive to consumer products, building materials and beyond.
Learn more about HyperDamping
An advanced materials company creating carbon nanoparticles to overcome energy challenges in batteries and fuel cells.
Learn more about pH Matter, LLC
Develops and produces nanozeolites and hierarchical zeolites to improve the quality, performance, and effectiveness of consumer products.
Learn more about ZeoVation

Alternate Energy

Ecolibrium Solar designs and supplies innovative solar racking and support solutions for commercial and residential rooftops.
Learn more about Ecolibrium Solar