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We work with companies located in Ohio, mostly the Central Ohio / Columbus region, or those willing to relocate here, who are working on tech or tech-enabled businesses in the following industries: Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS), Life Sciences, Healthcare IT, Foodtech & Agtech, Advanced Materials, and Alternate Energy.

This form is for entrepreneurs who meet the criteria above, if you are out of our region or industries, we have a Startup Resources page with additional support organizations HERE.

If you are not an entrepreneur and have another inquiry, please contact us HERE.

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Note: this could be "0" if there are no employees working for the business full-time (40+ hours) and/or taking a salary from the business

One or two sentence summary of the problem your business solves for the user/customer/stakeholder. Please also include another one to two sentences describing the product/solution/features that your business provides. You can think of this as the core value proposition you provide to potential stakeholders.

Examples: customer interest, product/software development status, prototype, beta tests, partners secured, revenue generated, # of users, letters of intent (LOIs), capital raised, advisors, or any other relevant milestones.

This would include any formal partnerships, being employed at one of the institutions, or licensing agreements for your intellectual property, This would not include graduating from the university.

Note: This information may be shared with Rev1 entrepreneurial support partners.