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We’re an investor startup studio that helps startups scale and corporates innovate.

Erika Bool and Tom Walker

People + Passion + Battle Scars

We’re a team of builders, investors, operators, and corporate innovators. We’ve been in the trenches, through the ups and downs of building strong companies. Our team helped launch more than 150 startups, invested in more than 300 companies, and supported 70+ successful exits. We are here to help you.

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Where brilliant solutions become reality.

Want to change the world? We can help. We’ve built a best-in-breed investor startup studio with a vision of making the Midwest a powerful magnet for diverse, high-growth startups. Our clients are building products that solve real problems for markets in need of real solutions.

Redefining the future of home life management.

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Delivering expectational outcomes.

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Enabling better quality healthcare through data.

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Innovation meets energy finance.

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Champ titles - leading edge digital title management
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An exclusive network of roofing contractors made available to bid on and perform insurance related roof repair and replacement.
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Upshift is a digital staffing platform that connects businesses in need of extra help with a pool of pre-vetted W-2 Workers.
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SaaS-based precision medicine software suite focused on the lifecycle of the biospecimen from specimen capture through diagnosis.
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Invirsa's lead compound, INV-102, combats viral conjunctivitis (viral pinkeye) by enhancing the body's own ability to fight the disease.
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