Helping Entrepreneurs Build Great Companies

“The capital of Ohio, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, lives largely in the future tense… Columbus feels like a city on the move.” – NY Times

In six years, Rev1 has invested in 100 startups, positioning Columbus as the Midwest’s hub for startup growth. The result of this activity is a $2B economic impact from capital attracted, revenue generated, and exits. Funding startups is the foundation of an innovation economy.

Beyond investment, it’s all about how we as a community are supporting those startups and connecting them to our region’s largest assets to boost these young companies’ rate of growth. These startups are delivering inspiring impacts. We celebrate each milestone, every new job, and all the innovative products and services that these companies bring to market. Their achievements are evidence of how far the startup economy in Columbus has advanced.

We invite you to read the full 2018 Impact Report.

Rev1’s investor startup studio combines capital and strategic services to help startups scale and corporates innovate. We feature fantastic support for entrepreneurs and many opportunities for experts and mentors.

Our growth is real… and we are just getting started.