Rev1 Mentors

The Rev1 Mentor Program connects Rev1 clients with experienced mentors who can support their growth and help them achieve their full potential.

We understand the value of mentorship, especially at the earliest stages of a startup. 

Mentorship is essential for startup founders to advance new ideas, develop creative approaches to address evolving conditions and launch scalable businesses.

Mentored startups grow 3.5x faster and raise 7x more money*

How does the program work?

Rev1 mentors serve as advisors, providing feedback and advice on everything from pressure testing their business to preparing to pitch to investors. We know how crucial mentorship and the right resources are to a startup’s success. From building a startup to closing deals, our mentors have the wisdom and experience to shape the future of tech directly from our backyard.

The mentor sessions work in tandem with the client’s Rev1 Advisor to leverage Rev1’s resources and services
Mentors provide advice and guidance on issues such as product development, team building, market segmentation, fundraising pathways, and effective governance principles
Mentors make relevant connections through their professional networks
Rev1 offers additional cohort education and peer networking opportunities throughout the program

Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

We’re looking for experienced executives with
  • Expertise and passion for working with pre-seed and seed-stage startups, especially in IT-related industries such as healthcare-IT, enterprise software solutions, and data analytics and decision support.
  • Ability to provide time and expertise to 1+ early entrepreneurs.
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Meet Our Mentors

Jim Bratton

Vice President of Cayuse, LLC

Learn more about Jim Bratton
Luke Buchanan

Co-Founder & CEO at Redi.Health

Learn more about Luke Buchanan
Curtis Crocker


Learn more about Curtis Crocker
Derek DeHart

Lead Product Manager at Alignable

Learn more about Derek DeHart
Kim Garland

Professor Emeritus

Learn more about Kim Garland
Paul George

Founder & CEO of MentorcliQ

Learn more about Paul George
John Hartley

Director of Engineering at Curology

Learn more about John Hartley
Nikhil Hunshikatti

Founder/Fractional CMO at Hunshika LLC

Learn more about Nikhil Hunshikatti
Jasmin Hurley

Managing Associate at Thompson Hine LLP

Learn more about Jasmin Hurley
Michael Luh

Managing Director at Worthington Enterprises

Learn more about Michael Luh
Paul Matter

CEO at pH Matter, LLC

Learn more about Paul Matter
Lindsey Michaelides

Co-Founder & CEO at Strongsuit

Learn more about Lindsey Michaelides
Janis Mitchell

CEO at Precise Resource, Inc.

Learn more about Janis Mitchell
Warner Moore

Founder at GammaForce

Learn more about Warner Moore
Vicki Muscarella

VP, Engineering at AndHealth

Learn more about Vicki Muscarella
Andrew Pagels

Managing Partner at Investable

Learn more about Andrew Pagels
Rachel Salzman

CEO at Armatus Bio

Learn more about Rachel Salzman
Jeff Schumann

Co-Founder & CEO at Nullable

Learn more about Jeff Schumann
Matt Shachter

Sr. Director of Revenue at BungeeTech

Learn more about Matt Shachter
Vikram Shanbhag

Founder & Director at Teya Ventures, LLC

Learn more about Vikram Shanbhag
Robert Underhill

President at InfoSight Corporation

Learn more about Robert Underhill
Anne Walker

Vice President Legal & Compliance

Learn more about Anne Walker
Shaun Young

SVP Operations at Nurx

Learn more about Shaun Young
Rob Zwink

CTO at Razi Title

Learn more about Rob Zwink

*Source: Startup Genome