The Right Connections at the Right Time

Partnering with Columbus’ finest.

We partner with a growing band of innovation leaders and service providers in the Columbus region and beyond to power your firsts: first prototype, first patent, first customer, and first investment round.

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Funding Partners

We’re at the center of a team of partners that includes Ohio Third Frontier and a regional network focused on growing entrepreneurship in Central Ohio.

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Chemical Abstracts
Learn more about CAS
The Ohio State University
Learn more about The Ohio State University

Innovation Partners

Building an innovation partnership with Rev1 is a turnkey experience. We’ll work with you step by step, so it creates the most benefit.

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The Ohio State University
Learn more about The Ohio State University

Vetted Service Providers

It’s impossible for a founder to do everything. We’ll help you add leadership or capacity, or connect you with talent, mentors, and vetted service providers.

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Addison-McHenry Group LLC
Learn more about Addison-McHenry Group LLC
Get the insights you need
Learn more about EMC Research
Floriss Group
Learn more about Floriss
Create the Future
Learn more about Futurety
Expert consulting
Learn more about JALEX Medical
Services Managed
Learn more about TTG

Startup Resources

Struggling to find the resources you need? We’ve put together a list of startup resources available in the Central Ohio Region to help you at every stage.

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