Innovation Internship Program

Need an extra hand? Want to get awesome talent with payroll support from Rev1? Join Rev1’s innovation internship program. Rev1’s innovation internship program brings students and Rev1 clients together to create exciting opportunities for both.

This page is meant for Rev1 startup clients, if you are a student looking for an internship click here.

Program Overview 

  • Partial salary reimbursement is offered.
  • Ongoing Rev1 support to manage the hiring and onboarding process.
  • Access and direct connections to diverse, quality student talent.
  • High potential for entry-level retention.

Looking for a 2024 Spring intern? Follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1:

Submit your role description for the Spring cohort to 

Step 2:

Rev1 will direct qualified interns to you through our internship job board.

Step 3:

Interview and pick the best candidate. Tips on hiring interns on our toolkit.

Step 4:

Let us know your choice by emailing Savannah Snyder

Step 5:

Submit Program Agreement, Contract Worksheet, and the Guidelines Acknowledgement to this box folder.

Already have a Spring intern? Follow these 2 easy steps.

Step 1:

Let us know your choice by emailing Savannah Snyder

Step 2:

Submit Program Agreement, Contract Worksheet, and the Guidelines Acknowledgement to this box folder.


Spring Internship Deadlines

  • Submit your role description for the spring cohort.
  • Hiring decisions are due to Savannah Snyder by Jan 12.
  • Please submit documentation as soon as possible, as enrollment may be denied if cohort is full.


Q: Can I utilize this program for internships year-round?

A: Yes, this program is accessible year-round. Whenever you are looking to hire an intern, please submit the job description to Savannah Snyder to be posted to the jobs board. Each internship “period” can last up to 12 weeks, with 50% wage reimbursement from Rev1 Ventures (up to $2.5k per intern for roles in fall/spring and $5k for roles in the summer). Startups are limited to intern reimbursement for no more than three total 12-week cohorts (does not need to be consecutive) per intern. Additionally, there will be no student cohort during the academic year, and the approach will be more personalized with optional 1:1 mentoring for the students and access to Rev1 resources.

Q: How do I “sign up” for the program and access the reimbursement for my intern’s wages?

A: Complete the Program Agreement, Program Guidelines Acknowledgement Form, and the Company Contract Worksheet, upload to this box folder and wait for an approval email. Monthly or at end of the internship, upload Reimbursement Request Form and Evaluation Form to this box folder along with the intern’s timesheets and record of payment for salary reimbursement.

Q: How much will I be reimbursed for my intern’s wages?

A: Rev1 Ventures will provide a 50% reimbursement for intern’s salaries for each 12-week cohort up to the limits listed above.

Q: How much should I pay my intern?

A: Feel free to use the matrix below to determine wages (data from National Association of Colleges and Employers).

Associate 1st Year $15.50
2nd Year $17.00
Bachelor’s Freshman $17.50
Sophomore $19.00
Junior $20.50
Senior $22.00
Master’s 1st Year $26.00
2nd Year $28.00


Q: How many hours can my intern work?

A: We suggest a range of no less than 10 hours and no more than 40 hours per week. Work with your hires to determine a schedule that works well for both your business and the student.

Q: How many interns can I hire?

A: No more than five interns per company per cohort are eligible for reimbursement through this program.

Q: Who can apply for an internship?

A: The program is open to a wide student base, including those registered at or recent graduates from a technical or community college; incoming freshmen up to graduating seniors at four-year institutions; and masters or doctoral candidates in high-tech graduate studies. Additionally, students need to have an Ohio connection – meaning they attend a school in Ohio, are an Ohio resident, or are willing to temporarily relocate to Ohio for the internship (virtual or in-person).

Q: What roles can I have interns fill?

A: That is up to the needs of your company. If you would like help determining the best needs of your organization, contact Savannah Snyder or check out our job description templates here:

Q: Where do I submit job descriptions?

A: Submit job descriptions to Savannah Snyder as soon as possible. To see examples of open internships, check out the intern jobs board.

Q: When does the Spring cohort begin?

A: The 2024 Spring cohort will begin on Jan 22 and conclude 12 weeks later, on Apr 19. We are flexible with the dates and will work with you and your students as needed. Please get in touch with Savannah Snyder to discuss further.

Q: Additional Questions?

A: Ask Savannah Snyder by emailing

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