Columbus, OH
Founders and CEO
Michael Triplett, Ph.D. Co-founder & CEO
Dr. Lauren Bakaletz, Inventor
Dr. Steven Goodman, Inventor
Life Sciences

Company Profile

Clarametyx Biosciences is a preclinical biotechnology company developing a novel, non-antibiotic therapeutic and vaccine platform to treat and prevent bacterial biofilm-mediated disease, beginning with moderate-to-severe pneumonia. Clarametyx’s paradigm shifting therapeutic approach augments the innate immune system and all antibiotic classes to clear bacterial biofilms. Clarametyx’s pioneering, patent protected technology, invented by Drs. Lauren Bakaletz and Steven Goodman, both acclaimed academic thought leaders at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University, holds promise for addressing biofilm mediated infections and other diseases.

Clarametyx Biosciences in the News

Clarametyx Biosciences Launches with an Ambitious Strategy to Address Life-threatening Bacterial Infections