While you’re getting started,
Rev1 Labs is a great place to live

Rev1 Labs goes far beyond a traditional incubator. It’s where high-growth startups connect to services, funding, and the innovation ecosystem. 

Rev1 Labs in an integral part of our startup studio. There’s no better place for our portfolio companies to connect with peers, customers, and talent than here at Rev1 Labs.

Rev1 isn’t just a 62,000 square foot standalone space to hang your hat. It’s one of the cornerstones of the unique Rev1 startup venture development model, along with Concept Academy and First Connect.

Our venture advisors stay involved.

When our new venture accelerator clients set up shop and work at Rev1 Labs, they gain ready access to our staff of Venture Advisers and our network of professional industry experts.

The Rev1 venture development team is right here every day to answer questions or brainstorm ideas.

It’s easy to engage when we’re right next door. Step out of your office or wet space and walk down the hall. Talk about today’s issues over free coffee on Rev1’s curvy green couch.

We can meet you where you are.

The best business accelerator for entrepreneurs.

Living in and amongst other entrepreneurs and the Rev1 Venture Advisory team, you’ll be constantly exposed to new ideas and processes to help accelerate the success of your own startup or tech venture.

And there’s the serendipity. Those chance meetings, introductions, and connections. Angel investors walk our halls right here in Columbus, Ohio. Professional service providers hold office hours here, specifically for Rev1 business accelerator clients.

It’s all about helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Most importantly, we’ll help you be more accountable to your goals. That helps you be more productive and efficient—with your time and venture capital.

We find that our clients’ engagement is much more meaningful when they are residents at our business accelerator facility. In 2014, resident companies raised $1.07MM in capital on average, 2.7 times that of non-resident firms.

A startup incubator in Columbus, Ohio is the perfect first home for a new venture.

Rev1 Labs is for Rev1 clients. We want you to come…and eventually we want you to leave. The length of time you are in the building is specific to each startup company.

Start out with a shared desk. It’s free (along with great amenities) for the first three months.

Rev1 Labs is an integral part of our venture development model. We’ll help you stay on track.