TOOL: Analyzing Your Competitors, Part 2: Feature Canvas

Analyze Your Competitors

Every startup has competitors. Competitors prevent customers from buying the product your startup is selling.

A Feature Canvas is a way of organizing all the features that you and your competition have. It is a way to easily identify the strengths, weaknesses, and path and potential of your product. A feature canvas visually shows people’s pain points are currently being solved with the solutions available today.

A Feature Canvas gives a product development team just enough detail to plan a flexible, yet focuses, agile product development process.

This toolset is part of the product development series of Rev1 Learning Labs. Before you use this toolset, review the introductory article Analyzing Your Competitors: Your Company’s Life Depends on It, and complete the worksheet in TOOL: Analyzing Your Competitors, Part 1: Competitive Analysis. The information in your Part 1 worksheet is used to create a Feature Canvas using Part 2 of the Competitive Analysis tool.

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