Rev1’s Entrepreneur Toolkit Provides Best Tips and Tools for Entrepreneurs

Rev1’s Entrepreneur Toolkit is a handy, easy-to-use collection of practical tips and tools curated especially for entrepreneurs and founding teams. Think of the Toolkit as an extension of the Rev1 Startup Studio, our unique approach that combines strategic services and capital to help startups scale.


The Toolkit is organized in five categories to match the critical success factors for taking a startup from concept to scale. Our roadmap is flexible. You can adapt our expertise to your individual needs and growth plan.

  • Your Product includes resources for validating, building, and iterating on your product. To gain early feedback and beta customers, startups must be able to offer a solution that brings value to the customer and allows for maximum learning potential with the least amount of effort. That’s a tall order when startups are strapped for time, talent, and cash. That’s why understanding the “whys and hows” of creating a minimum viable product (MVP) can have such an impact on a startup’s success.
  • Your Market features ideas to help you define your target market, secure those all important beta and first paying customers, and then expanding market share. Market validation is the confirmation that the business model is (or is not) economically feasible. Accomplish by drilling down. When it comes to customer validation, there are smart moves, but there are no shortcuts.
  • Your Business offers examples of business models, information about company formation, and suggestions for creating effective boards of directors. Here you’ll find financial models ranging from simple to complex. Businesses and potential investors can use these to evaluate the risk and scalability of a company. Choosing the most effective financial model is critical to every startup’s success, as is building the best boards of advisors or directors for your company.
  • Your Team from hiring tips to culture-building, learn from HR experts, experienced managers, and other entrepreneurs how to attract, train and retain a winning team. Creating a high-growth hiring plan that covers culture fit, employer brand, and the details of attracting the best candidates takes expertise and experience. This Toolkit can help.
  • Your Capital Plan aims specifically at startups raising capital in the Midwest. Learn how to manage the capital raising process efficiently and effectively and an expert’s tips on preparing for due diligence. Most entrepreneurs building high-growth companies will need to raise capital to fund the milestones that lead to sustainable growth. The process begins with defining those milestones, understanding the appropriate capital source for each stage, and then matching up the two into a well-formed business plan. When concept companies achieve breakeven and concrete milestones, the time is ripe to start mid- and long-term capital access planning

In each category, you will find learning modules based on best practices, step-by-step guides, and tools and templates to speed your work. We invite you to download any information, tool, or template.

Rev1 takes a company-building approach to supporting and investing in startups. We base our approach on a culture of collaboration and a network of partnerships to expand the capabilities of our client companies’ founding teams. We welcome your feedback. If you would like to see more information on a topic, please let us know.