About Alicia Oddi

Alicia Oddi, managing director of entrepreneur and inclusion programs, leads the strategy, engagement, and adoption of Rev1’s investor startup studio program, a framework that gives entrepreneurs the support and services that they need when they need it.

Alicia and her team manage pipeline development and client intake, and produce and manage resources that provide the training, tools, and connections that directly impact entrepreneurs and help them de-risk grow their companies, including . Alicia invites feedback from entrepreneurs to make the Rev1 investor startup studio more responsive as entrepreneurs’ needs change.

Alicia also leads Rev1’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) programs, ensuring that diversity and inclusion aren’t an add-on, but rather is baked into and fully aligned with everything Rev1 does. Through Alicia’s leadership, Rev1 has developed programs to support diverse entrepreneurs and some of the distinct challenges they face when starting and scaling a high growth company, including the Grow to Scale mentor program and the DEI Grant Fund.

Alicia has a BA in Art History and an MA in Arts Policy and Administration from The Ohio State University.

Written by Alicia Oddi

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