Entrepreneur Toolkit – An Overview of Team Topics

Rev1’s Entrepreneur Toolkit is a handy, easy-to-use collection of practical tips and tools curated especially for entrepreneurs and founding teams. Please think of the Toolkit as an extension of the Rev1 Startup Studio, our unique approach that combines strategic services and capital to help startups scale.

Five Toolkit categories to match the critical success factors for taking a startup from concept to scale. Our roadmap is flexible. It is easy to adapt our expertise to your team’s individual needs and growth plan.

Team – Our collaborative approach meets each startup’s needs individually, pairing innovators with resources and education to expand the capabilities of founding teams.

This roundup provides brief descriptions and ready links to topics on Teams. Use this content to expand your knowledge or supply an easy-to-read series for your founding management team. A founder can’t do everything. Rev1 helps client companies identify, recruit, and hire leadership or talent. We connect entrepreneurs with experts, mentors, and vetted service providers.

Rev1’s Virtual Library of Team and Talent Topics

Getting Started

How to Create a High-growth Hiring Plan for Startup Success – Part 1 – Terrific teams don’t just happen—especially in a startup where there’s never enough money and time. Building a successful and scalable company requires a hiring plan to acquire the best and brightest employees. Learn the how-tos here.

How to Create a High-growth Hiring Plan for Startup Success – Part II – For current or future positions, be intentional and define a talent strategy at least 90 days before starting your search. From using digital tools to creating interview questions to implementing background checks, get started with this action plan.

Tips from a Startup Pro: Avoid Making Costly Hiring Mistakes – Hiring the wrong person is like burning $10,000 bills. Take these hiring tips from an entrepreneur and build good hiring habits from day one.

5 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Recruiting Firm – For most positions, a startup cannot afford the typical fees charged by a recruiting firm. However, in certain circumstances, hiring a recruiter might be required. Here are five tips to help entrepreneurs evaluate when and how to engage a recruiting firm.

Upping Hiring Know-how

Tips for Identifying, Attracting, and Hiring the Best Candidates – Effective hiring begins with a well-considered process. Considerations include attracting the best long-term candidate, hiring for culture fit, and engaging with a retention strategy in mind. Learn tips from a talent pro.

How to Win in the Post-pandemic Working World – Disruption is the mantra of the startup world. After the last two years, the workplace as we knew it is forever changed. Here are four “new workplace” considerations for post-pandemic success.

Video: Practical Guide to Managing Talent Remotely – Leading, managing, and engaging a work-from-home team presents new challenges and opportunities for forward-thinking companies. Watch and learn actionable tips and best practices from Dionnica Gaston, Director of Talent, Rev1 Ventures, and Lora Zotter, VP, Employee Experience at MentorcliQ, two experts in talent management.

 5 Ways to Create an Interview Process that Leads to Terrific Talent – To create the best interview experience possible (for your company and the interview candidate) that will lead to the best hiring results, follow these tips.

Improving Interviews: A Game-Changing Software Platform for Hiring Managers – Innovative startups keep eyes and ears open for creative ideas on hiring and recruiting. Old methods aren’t working—today’s recruiting realities demand an entirely new approach. Gain insights on issues you may not have yet encountered from a startup that is becoming an expert at problem-solving for hiring success.

Talent Tools

How to Define a Sourcing Strategy for a Single Role – With a completed job description, this guide will help you define an appropriate sourcing strategy for each role. Learn to identify the networks that your ideal candidates belong to and then how to reach into those communities to build a diverse pipeline of the best candidates.

How to Craft a Compelling Job Description – Role descriptions are challenging to write, especially when a company is just starting. This is not a task to delegate; nothing deserves more attention from an entrepreneur than the talent they bring to the company. Use this tool to create role descriptions that attract the right candidates for the roles you need to fill.

Tool: 37 Sample Interview Questions to Discover Values, Skills, and Goals – The interview process is the key to hiring the most qualified candidates that fit your organization’s culture and goals. The goal is to evaluate candidates against standardized criteria. This tool helps apply culture, values, and role responsibilities to develop interview questions that help startups hire the right candidates.

Tool: Interview Evaluation Scorecard – The Interview Evaluation Scorecard helps create an efficient hiring process that produces great candidates. This tool offers guidelines, tips, and templates to easily create scorecards specific to the roles your company seeks to fill.

Startups Strike Gold with College Interns

College Internships: A Fast Track to Talent for Entrepreneurs – Rev1 kicked off the Innovation Internship Program two years ago. We learned from the ground up how to create a unique internship program that works effectively in the “new talent normal” of hybrid and remote work. We have placed 225 interns and are still growing strong. Every startup can use our tips to gain the inside edge on gaining great talent, especially in these challenging times of talent wars.

Tips on How Startups Can Win with Virtual Internships – Rev1’s Innovation Internship Program places outstanding college students in startup companies. The internships create valuable work experience and paths into entrepreneurship for students. Startups gain outstanding talent to advance projects and milestones—and an inside track on future hires.

Why You Need Summer Interns Now, and 3 Tips for Hiring the Best Ones – There are more reasons than ever for savvy entrepreneurs and startups to tap into college and university student internships. Learn the hows and whys of connected to the largest and most diverse talent group of the next 20 years—Gen Z.

More tips on Successfully Leading Summer Interns – Internships look much different in today’s hybrid work model. From intentional communications to face-to-face meetings, it’s a new world of collaboration—a world that can benefit from ideas from the interns themselves. Sample these new ideas.

A Case Study: Internships Key to Aware’s Talent Strategy –Aware, a Columbus-based startup that helps enterprises make collaboration platforms more secure, raised a $12MM equity investment in December of 2020, assisting Aware more than double its workforce.  College internships are an integral aspect of Aware’s talent strategy. Read about how this far-sighted startup builds a pipeline to talent.

Diversified Teams Product Better Business Results

Inclusive Entrepreneurship Gives Startups a Competitive Edge – At Rev1, a big part of our focus on helping entrepreneurs build great companies is helping entrepreneurs build great teams. We are intentional about diversity and inclusion. Learn more.

4 Tips Every Investor and Startup Can Use to Create Inclusive Entrepreneurship – Here are four practical tips that every startup can use to further inclusion to boost the company’s bottom line. Learn how to prevent implicit bias and diversify your networks for talent and deals intentionally.

How to Build a High-growth Sales Team – Phil George, CEO of MentorcliQ, a full-featured mentoring software system for improving workplace mentoring, shares ideas on how to build a sales pipeline and sales organization to create startup growth.

Meeting the Challenge of Finding, Attracting, and Hiring the Best Talent – With today’s high employment rates and peak demand for diverse leadership and technical skills of all stripes, it is more challenging than ever for high-growth firms to recruit the talent they need to succeed. Read these suggestions from an industry pro.

Rev1 Ventures Helps Startups Tackle Talent Gap –  We take an all-in approach to help entrepreneurs be innovative about the ways they recruit and retain their talent, including attracting critical hires from outside of the region. These days,  the talent gap is intense. Currently, more than 125 companies have 135-plus jobs listed on the Rev1 jobs board. Read this article for best practices, and visit the jobs board for opportunities.