College Internships: A Fast Track to Talent for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who are navigating the most challenging hiring market in recent history, the Rev1 Innovation Internship Program is a fast way for high-growth startups to hire exceptional talent with the internship program reimbursing up to half the intern’s wages. We invite every high-growth startup in Columbus to explore these internships as an efficient and cost-effective pipeline of talent.

Innovation Internship Program Is Unique and Created for These Times

Rev1 kicked off the Innovation Internship program in the first months of the pandemic. It wasn’t the start we expected, but in retrospect the opportunity was ideal to build a unique internship program from the ground up that works effectively in the “new talent normal” of hybrid and remote work.

We have placed more than 225 interns so far and are still going strong. Innovation Internships connect startups to outstanding diverse candidates and help manage the recruiting and on-boarding process for hiring companies. We support interns once they are in their roles with real-time coaching and mentoring. Startups across Columbus are making Innovation Internships a cornerstone of their talent strategy. Those who aren’t are missing out.


The Innovation Internship Program for Interns

The Innovation Internship for Startups

Rev1 Ventures Launches Innovation internship Program to Connect Young Professionals to Startups


Innovation Internships Make It Easy for Startups Hire a Pipeline of Talented Interns Who Can Become Full-Time Employees.

Internships are available continuously, year-round. Typically, students work 10 to 40 hours per week. Students and startups come together to create exciting opportunities for both in five easy steps.

  1. How do I sign up? Submit your role description(s). Here are internships other companies are advertising.
  2. How do I get resumes? Rev1 will direct qualified interns to you through our Internship Job Board
  3. Interview and choose the best candidate. Read tips here.
  4. Let us know you choice by emailing Alison Lopriore.
  5. How do I get qualify for reimbursement? Submit Program Agreementand Contract Worksheet to Alison Lopriore.
  6. More questions answered here.


Innovation Internship Program Drives Startup Growth

Ohio Wesleyan Partners to Create Student Internship Opportunities


Innovation Internships Deliver Big Payoff to Startup Business Plans.  

College interns can benefit your company because they do real work, like these projects that Innovation Interns tackled for other startups in Central Ohio.

  • Aware, an enterprise-grade collaboration platform that recently raised a $60 million Series C hires interns every summer. “The work our hiring managers give these interns is important work. They impact our business.” Hear about these resourceful and scrappy interns directly from Missy Perdue, People Operations Manager, Aware.
  • Writing software, creating sales funnels, and building data rooms are just a few of the projects Innovation Interns have delivered. For creative ideas about getting real work completed, read more.
  • Gen-Z is the most diverse generation ever; nearly half are racial or ethnic minorities. They are the largest talent group of the next 20 years. Savvy companies use internships to build connections. With Innovation Internships, Columbus startups hire students from eight colleges and universities in cohorts that are more than 60 percent diverse. Internships can be a cornerstone of young companies, diversity commitment.


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Innovation Internships come complete with  infrastructure to handle interviewing, hiring and onboarding. Rev1 Ventures publishes best practices and tips for entrepreneurs running an internship program here and here. Every startup that expects to be in business three months from today could be advertising on the Rev1 Ventures Jobs Board for an intern now. Startups, reach out.



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