Rev1 Ventures Innovation Internship Program Drives Startup Growth

Talent is the cornerstone of every successful startup, particularly talent that is capable, energetic, and diverse.

Rev1 Ventures launched its first-ever Innovation Internship Program, a partner-supported initiative to bring students and startups together to create meaningful opportunities for businesses and young professionals in Central Ohio.

If ever the timing was right for a program to help startups with talent and college students with their careers, that moment is now. Rev1 is uniquely positioned to connect passionate, entrepreneurial students with high-growth startups as they plan to strengthen their foundation over the upcoming months.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion drives the Innovation Internship Program. Companies with diverse leadership and talent outperform their peers. We are working closely with partners, universities, student affinity groups, and grassroots organizations to broaden the circle of outreach and inclusion for these internships.

Building Career Pathways into the Startup Economy

Rev1 will provide the programming and infrastructure to create a cohort of interns, all working with Rev1 companies. Our approach is flexible. Drawing on the connections and resources that are integral to Rev1’s startup studio model, we will provide a standard system of on-boarding and skills training. We will set up ongoing mentorship—just as interns would expect when they think about the benefits of being an intern in a large company.

Benefits for Startups

Innovation Internships are an amazing opportunity to attract talent at about half the going rate. Rev1 is reimbursing participating companies for two-thirds of their interns’ salaries (up to $8,000 per intern). Additionally, this program is an excellent way to evaluate future talent and to build relationships and a pipeline of future hires.

Some startups take to internships naturally. Others recognize the benefits but may not have as much experience in structuring meaningful assignments and support for interns. Rev1 will provide structure and flexible support to all, including ongoing support to help startups manage the placement, hiring, and on-boarding process.

Benefits for Students

Innovation Internships provide front-line access to where decisions are made. For students who want to gain a broad understanding of what it’s really like to work in a startup, an Innovation Internship will be an immersive experience, while also providing the ability to dive deep into a technology or market of interest. Students will wear many hats and work directly with a founder, CEO, or chief technologist, as well as gain connections to many of the best business leaders and entrepreneurs in the Columbus region.

Students will find out if they are comfortable with the pace and ambiguity of entrepreneurship. They will learn if they are comfortable with trial and error and with self-direction. They will exit the Innovation Internship Program better prepared for their next job or post-graduation career, whatever that may be.

Our goal is to confirm 25 internships for the summer and fall. Internships will be posted on Rev1’s Internship Jobs Board.

Next Steps

The program is open to a wide student base, including those registered at or recent graduates from a technical or community college, incoming freshmen up to graduating seniors at four-year institutions, and masters or doctoral candidates in high-tech graduate studies. Interns will work directly with senior leadership teams of innovative startups from industries ranging from AgTech to IT and Biosciences.

For startups or innovators that want to become part of the program, please visit and for college and graduate students looking to expand their experience, please visit https://www.rev1venturescom/interns/.

We are excited about this opportunity. We are looking at this first cohort of startups and interns as a true pilot and are eager to validate what works and learn where we can be more effective.

Please email Alison Lopriore with your questions or suggestions.