TOOL: 37 Sample Interview Questions to Discover Values, Skills, and Goals

The interview process is the key to hiring the most qualified candidates that are a cultural fit for your organization. Every candidate wants to make a good impression. Members of the interview team should feel the same.

Prepare for each candidate interview with the same thoroughness that you would take with a key customer (or investor) call. Review position descriptions and applicant resumes ahead of time. Use culture, values, and responsibilities role descriptions to develop interview questions. It is critical to know what skills and experiences you want the ideal candidate to have before you structure your questions.

Different interviewers can ask candidates different questions, but each interviewer must ask the same questions of every candidate they interview for the same position. The goal is to evaluate candidates against standardized criteria, so bias doesn’t creep in.

Here’s a tool to give you a head start on developing interview questions.

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