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Rev1 Helps Connect Clarivoy with Customers

In 2012, a client asked Steve White, a 15-year digital marketing veteran, if he could help measure the effectiveness of a television campaign.


“That’s when solving a real-life business challenge of one of my clients, a TV media buying agency, turned into an opportunity that was bigger than we could have imagined,” says White, CEO and co-founder of Clarivoy.

White began investigating. The result is TV Analytics™, a break-through audience identification platform that maps online traffic to television viewing while protecting user privacy.

Television audiences and advertising are huge

Television advertising represents the largest share of media spending, yet it has the least amount of measurement. White sees TV Analytics as a way to disrupt the traditional methods of measuring TV advertising effectiveness.

Not only is TV ad spending alive and well, but live TV viewership is also the number one way Americans spend time with electronic media. According to the latest Neilson research, the average American adult spends five hours and four minutes per day watching live TV.

According to a Google report, seventy-seven percent of the time, people watch TV with another device.

White noted that “When something catches their eye, they check it out online right away,” White says.

One way Clarivoy records that behavior is through their cookie-less tracking.

Continuous and comprehensive tracking is at the core of Clarivoy’s technology.  

“We anonymously tag visitors to a website,” White says. The tags allow Clarivoy to capture, analyze, and profile nearly 100 percent of all website visitors anonymously over time. We believe that TV starts the conversation. We are helping the TV media buyers help their customers justify and optimize their media spending.”

Television advertisers can use that information to understand which ads drove visitors to their web site and ultimately resulted in a sale. They can then determine whether it’s better for them to advertise on broadcast or cable networks, in primetime or on the morning shows, during the news, sports broadcasts, or during reality TV shows.

Media buyers and advertisers can measure and track the impact of ads across networks and shows to create a comprehensive TV reporting dashboard for both local and national advertisers.

“TV is going to shine,” White says.

Rev1 Ventures’ First Connect Network helped Clarivoy reach C-level executives and make a sale

Clarivoy used First Connect to present to a panel of advertising and retail executives along with a panel of CIOs in sessions filled with top tier businesses from the Columbus area.

Matt Reid, Clarivoy president and Clarivoy’s other co-founder says, “We believe our product offers great value to TV advertisers. Being able to receive feedback from practitioners and C-level executives from these major national brands has been fantastic.”

“Without Rev1 Ventures,” Reid says, “it would take months for us to line up a meeting with just one of these companies. After the sessions, we followed up with the interested brands and agencies to do a deeper dive. Within two months of these sessions, we were able to sign a deal with one of the companies.”


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