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Demo Day 2015 – Where Are They Now? Part 2

Demo Day

Demo Day 2016 is only about six weeks away, and we’re preparing for a capacity crowd.

Much of the credit for the region’s strong response goes to the inaugural group of Demo Day companies—the startups that were showcased last year at Demo Day 2015.

These companies have made amazing progress, especially when you consider that the years two to four are usually the toughest for young companies.

That makes the accomplishments of this first group of Demo Day alums even more remarkable. See if you agree.

DD-Where-Are-They-Now-Part_2-ArdinaArdina is bringing a new perspective to the healthcare market, helping customers get affordable healthcare for the daily needs that cause out of pocket expenses before a person’s deductible is met. After spending a year signing up early customers, Ardina is expanding features to meet an even broader market need.

“Listen to your customers. They know more than you do about what they need. As a startup you have to build what they need and want, not what you think they want. Don’t be fixed to your idea. Be willing to evolve into what the customer needs from you. Go out, search, learn from customer feedback and pivot.” – Shaun Young, Founder, Ardina

Clarivoy creates tools for modern marketers that help Clarivoy’s customers uncover what advertising and channels are actually driving sales. The firm’s TV Analytics solution identifies which networks, prDD-Where-Are-They-Now-Part_2-Clarivoyograms, and campaigns convert potential consumers into buying customers. In the last year, Clarivoy has expanded their founding team with technical and sales experts. The company closed more than $500,000 in additional capital. Their customers include major brands such as Hendrick Automotive Group, Andy Mohr, and Germain in the automotive industry, and others in media, residential real estate, and entertainment.

“Clarivoy has the right people on the bus. They are expanding their core theme of TV attribution thoughtfully. When they see difficulty or challenges in the market, they take them on. When they figure out something isn’t working, they take corrective action, make the tough decisions, and don’t let prior decisions haunt them.” – Ryan Helon, Rev1 SVP, Investments, Clarivoy Board of Directors

DD-Where-Are-They-Now-Part_2-PriorAuthNowPriorAuthNow (formerly trueDOK), works with medical providers and payers to create a seamless prior authorization experience that fits with existing workflows and improves patient experience. The firm completed a total rebrand, closed seed round of more than $1.8MM, went from a team of two to a team of 12, and has signed several of Central Ohio’s flagship healthcare providers as customers.

“The learning never really stops. You never figure it out; things are constantly changing and evolving. Just because you have good early numbers and good customers, you can’t stop evolving. If you are not evolving, you should be worried.”- Joe Anstine, Co-founder, PriorAuthNow


Simple-Fill, developer of a simple and cost effective compressor, is out to change the way America fuels its vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG). The company has a committed team of commercial partners, including Worthington Industries, and has built a pilot test system and met numerous alpha testing technical milestones as preparation for production design. Simple-Fill was honored at 2015 VentureNext as the startup most successful with the Backyard Effect.

“I am a person who loves technology and I also love business. I like to figure out how to solve a problem in the marketplace. I really enjoy people and working with people. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t do it all by yourself. You just can’t.” – Rob Underhill, President and CEO

DD-Where-Are-They-Now-Part_2-TicketFireTicketFire, the first app to allow consumers and ticket brokers to turn any paper ticket into a digital ticket, has had more than 100,000 downloads from more than 200 countries for events in hundreds of venues around the world. TicketFire recently announced Sell-to-Friends, a new way to sell and send tickets via social media in real time and up to the last minute.

“A startup has to focus on driving revenue and customer acquisition. Since Demo Day, we’ve added functionality and grown by multiples on the broker side by signing up hundreds of brokers and on the revenue side by adding features to the application.” – Todd Armstrong, President, TicketFire

Mark your calendar for 2016 Demo Day, September 20, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at Capitol Theatre, Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts, Columbus, OH. Networking and Happy Hour follow, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Witness the excitement of 2015 Demo Day. See videos here.

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