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Columbus Poised for More Inc. 5000 Companies: Watch This Space

TheOhioStateUniversity_2C_Horiz-CMYKEach year Inc. magazine ranks the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

It’s a terrific accomplishment to be on the INC. 5000 list, and not just because people all over the world pay attention.

There’s so much more to being one of the fastest-growing private companies in America than just the buzz.

When your company makes the Inc. 5000, it’s proof that your business shows promise and potential.

Inc. 5000 companies are known for creating net new jobs and compounded revenue. They solve problems that have been rocks in the shoes of major corporations for years. Inc. 5000 firms have started up whole new industries.

So when any company makes this list, it’s a big deal. When that company is a startup, that big deal is huge.

Inc. 5000 action in our own backyard

With 175 firms on the Inc. 5000, Ohio made the top 10 list of states with the most fast-growing companies.

  • 49 of the Inc. 5000 are Columbus companies
  • 3 of those used Rev1 services
    • Capture Education (#295): 1552% growth, $2.1MM revenue, 16 jobs, #1 in education companies
    • Plug Smart (#339): 1391% growth, $13.4MM revenue, 25 jobs, 3rd year on the list
    • Updox (#524) 886% growth, $3.1MM revenue, 29 jobs

3 Reasons Columbus is Poised to Compete for Even More Inc. 5000 Spots

1. Forbes names Columbus #1 Opportunity City in the US “where business opportunities abound.”

Forbes calls out the “surprising number” of major corporations located here, “whose employees represent a deep pool of potential customers.”

Inc 5000 SummaryWe agree. Rev1’s First Connect Network, where we tap into that corporate base to help entrepreneurs (75 percent of our clients in their first year) connect with their first strategic advisors and sign up their first customers.

Last year, we secured access to 29 world-class companies. Eight of these companies became customers to Rev1 clients.

2. Columbus is #3 on NerdWallet’s list of the Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2015.

NerdWallet “crunched numbers for 100 of the largest US cities to determine the best places to find employment.”

Columbus had low unemployment, affordable rents, and a cost of living that is nearly 5 percent lower than the national average. College towns are good for job seekers, and when it comes to universities, The Ohio State University is one of the best of the best.

TheOhioStateUniversity_2C_Horiz-CMYKRev1 is a catalyst for talent. We team with Venture for America to place remarkable VFA fellows in startups here. Our up-to-the minute jobs board has dozens of active openings at our portfolio companies, from vice president of marketing to software developers to customer service analyst.

3. Rev1 Ventures has made 16 investments in startup companies in 2015 and we’re on track for a total of 25 this year. 

Our Concept Academy, a program that helps startups save time and money by proving (or disproving) that there is a market for their products.

Startups going through Concept Academy reduced the time it takes to secure first funding from Rev1 to an average of 187 days from an average of 269 days. Concept Academy graduates from the first year have already raised $4.8 million in investment funds.

Read what Yahoo Small Business Advisor has to say about Concept Academy.

Join Columbus’ Entrepreneurial Scene

If you aren’t part of Columbus community of entrepreneurs, you are missing out. Take action now. Get involved.

If you have a leadership position in one of Columbus’s Fortune 1000 companies, contact us to talk about the problems you have that one of our portfolio companies might solve.

If you are a business professional or industry or technology expert, check out our First Connect network. There are so many ways, small to large that you can help boost an entrepreneur.

If you have an idea for a business, talk to Rev1 about Concept Academy. We can save you money and time.

And if you are a student who isn’t sure if entrepreneurship is for you, attend the next Startup Weekend. In less than 48-hours, you can experience the real deal.

VentureNext is a perfect way to connect your company or organization with Central Ohio’s finest startups and entrepreneurs.

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