About Cody Changet

Designer. Illustrator. Sports fanatic. Cody Changet uses his graphic talents to help Rev1 and our portfolio companies tell their stories visually. Cody believes graphic design has a lot in common with entrepreneurship. Both are all about problem solving with inspiration that springs from the desire to create something that doesn’t exist. Born and raised in Canton, OH, Cody grew up in a hard-working family­. In the summer of his sophomore year of college, he joined his step-father to work in a factory. “I came home covered in sweat and soot, with dirt everywhere on me. I respect the work and the people who do it, but my family pushed and supported me from a very young age to make a career doing work that I love. I had a direction all along.” Cody graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design and a minor in marketing. Prior to Rev1, he worked in branding and collateral design.