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The Toasted Oat is the creator of the only soft butter-baked granola that is certified gluten-free and certified delicious. Made from all-natural ingredients, The Toasted Oat’s granola is full of flavor and free of preservatives, additives and artificial flavors to finally deliver on the promise of a tasty gluten-free food that is safe for those with Celiac Disease, and scrumptious enough for everyone else. The Toasted Oat serves as a healthy breakfast, wholesome snack, sweet substitute…and a new staple in every pantry. The Toasted Oat is made for people who need it, but is so good that everyone will want it. Find the Toasted Oat nationwide at Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, Sprouts Farmer’s Market and more.

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Columbus, Ohio



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  • Erika Boll, Founder and CEO



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