Video: March Founder’s Story | HealthPlan Data Solutions (HDS)

The story of HealthPlan Data Solutions (HDS) is the story of pharmacists and entrepreneurs who were so passionate about improving patient care and reducing costs that they tackled the gigantic problem of pharmacy expenditures and identified $180MM (71 percent) in overpayments for Ohio Medicaid.

Gary Rutherford, RPH and Co-founder, shares HDS’s 10-year journey from problem identification from daily operations in a pharmacy to a comprehensive solution that delivers actionable data on fraud and waste, high-risk opioid use, and pharma-influenced prescribing behavior.

This video was filmed before Ohio’s shut-down orders were announced.

Whether a startup is in healthcare or a different industry, entrepreneurs can take a lesson from HealthPlan Data Solutions to:

  • Use industry knowledge and market validation to segment a gigantic, seemingly unsolvable problem, and
  • Create a value proposition that is so compelling it cannot be ignored, and
  • Use actionable information help customers in government agencies and departments deliver on hard-dollar savings by eliminating waste and fraud

About the Speaker: Gary Rutherford, RPH

Gary Rutherford, chief clinical officer and co-founder of HealthPlan Data Solutions, is a registered pharmacist and has broad experience in hospital pharmacy, chain pharmacy, and independent pharmacy. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Ohio Northern University, The Ohio State University, and Cedarville University schools of pharmacy over the last 25 years. Mr. Rutherford is a graduate of Ohio Northern University School of Pharmacy, Ada, OH.