About Wayne Embree

Wayne is an experienced seed-stage investor with a track record of fueling startups with guidance and venture capital. He’s been involved in over 200 investments, including sitting on over 50 boards and taking more than 60 businesses through exits. Throughout his career, he has maintained his passion and enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs change the world. Wayne has a BS in Natural Sciences from Western Oregon and an MS in Urban Planning from the University of Oregon. 

Written by Wayne Embree

smallTalk Helps Parents Develop Babies’ Brainpower for Language
Core Quantum Improves Laboratory Testing with Its MultiDots and MagDots
Dasi Simulations Improves Heart Surgery Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence
SciFi Innovations Develops Technology that Joins Polymers to Metals for Aerospace Industry
ZapIT! Improves Safety and Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare
Portal Green’s New Product Helps Employers Face Pandemic Challenges
Portal Green
How Matsaki’s Unique Technology Arms First Responders During Gas Leaks
Lentechs’ New Contact Lens for True Progressive Vision
MavenView Uses AI to Analyze Emerging Technologies
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