Matching milestones to capital

Venture Capital Fuels Innovation

Startup Funding for High-growth Businesses

The Midwest isn’t flyover country anymore. More funding for startup companies fuels more new ventures than ever before.

Rev1 Ventures provides startup funding opportunities to Central Ohio entrepreneurs from Concept to Seed to Early Stage. At #1, Rev1 leads the list of the active venture capital funds in the Great Lakes Region.

Strategic Partnerships Provide Continual Startup Capital

We help startups in Central Ohio get the funding they require for continual growth.

Our concept funds target startups with a market-validated solution and business model that is economically feasible. We are often the first money in. Investments range from $25,000 to $250,000.

Rev1 invests in seed stage companies that have taken a product to market, likely have signed up early adopters, and may have initial revenue. Investments at this stage range from $250,000 to $1MM.

Our early growth funds invest up to $1MM or more in businesses that are fully launched and generating revenue.

Rev1 Ventures provides connections to angel investors, VCs, investment groups, and other accredited investors. We are experts at syndicating larger rounds.

The Venture Capital Investment Process Startups Need to Succeed

As champions for entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges startups face when raising venture capital. As investors, we recognize the inherent risk in startup companies.

That’s why our venture capital investment process begins long before a new company is ready to pitch a business plan. We combine venture capital and strategic services to help de-risk our portfolio companies.

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Rev1 Ventures: Most Active VC Firm in Ohio

Rev1 Ventures: Most Active VC in Great Lakes Region