Welcoming Two New Startups to Rev1’s Investor Startup Studio

Two new startups have entered Rev1’s investor startup studio—representing bioscience, mobile software, and medical devices. High-growth companies like these sign-up for Rev1’s investor startup studio to tap into the region’s largest network of seasoned startup advisors, customer connections, entrepreneur resources, and funding options. Our model fulfills the needs and growth plan of each startup individually.

Meet the two new companies:

Basking Biosciences, Inc.: is developing a first-in-class reversible anti-platelet approach to treating thrombosis (formation of blood clot) in the acute phase of ischemic stroke. Timely restoration of cerebral blood flow is the only proven intervention to improve long-term outcome in stroke.

NeuroTemp: By designing a new type of antenna, NeuroTemp, a very early stage medical device company, is aiming to monitor brain temperature non-invasively using radio frequency remote sensing. The goal is to detect accurate core body temperature wirelessly and non-invasively.

Rev1’s investor startup studio connects startups like these to the resources they need to build high-growth companies. From Rev1 Learning Labs to mentors and advisors, to connections to diverse talent and sources of capital, we are here to help.

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