Seven Companies Enter Rev1 Investor Startup Studio

Rev1 Venture’s portfolio is growing

When it comes to winter weather in Central Ohio, the first quarter of 2019 has been brutal. But while it has been freezing outside, innovation and entrepreneurship continue to heat up here at Rev1 Ventures. Several new startups are working with us—with solutions that range from telemedicine for individual wellness to an innovative light-weight material to stop noise, and from a file protection system which doesn’t require passwords to a medical device to determine cancerous versus healthy tissue.

Meet the companies:

Apportis: With the combination of telemedicine platform mHealth and cost-effective, remote patient-monitoring systems, Apportis is delivering a service to help people get healthier. The white-labeled solution offers easy inclusion into existing strategies for employers, healthcare providers, health insurers, and wellness programs.

Cerenetics: Many serious brain illnesses, for example depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, do not change the brain’s anatomy. These illnesses are diagnosed and monitored via qualitative conversations with physicians. Cerenetics seeks to create the first direct, objective, and mathematically precise measure of cognitive and socio-emotional disruption based on brain imaging.

HearingForward: Capitalizing on recent FDA and consumer electronic industry trends, HearingForward brings an efficient, affordable and data-driven path forward for all. Patent-based software connects consumers and patients, software and hardware, traditional and non-traditional distribution points to the ever-changing landscape of hearing technology.

HyperDamping, Inc.: With patent-pending technology spun out of The Ohio State University,  HyperDamping Inc. is creating a quieter and more comfortable world through innovations in advanced, lightweight materials to stop shock, vibration, and sound.

IR Medtech: This company is developing a medical device for fast, non-invasive testing to discriminate between cancerous and healthy bio-tissues. The device can distinguish between different types of cancers providing real-time feedback to medical professionals.

LockDown: LockDown is the powerful file protection and control system that anyone can use. It provides persistent encryption to protect files wherever they are stored or travel in the world. LockDown takes minutes to set up, is intuitive and completely passwordless.

MRC Impact: Based on high-performance measurement frameworks developed by Measurement Resources Company, entrepreneurs Sheri Chaney Jones and Matthew Jones are developing a SaaS platform to revolutionize how government and nonprofits track, measure, manage, and communicate their impact and social change.

Measurement Resources Staff

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