Welcoming Five New Startups to Rev1’s Startup Studio

Five new startups have entered Rev1’s investor startup studio—representing bioscience, mobile software, and advanced technology.

High-growth companies like these sign-up for Rev1’s startup studio to tap into the region’s largest network of seasoned startup advisors, customer connections, entrepreneur resources, and funding options. Our model fulfills the needs and growth plan of each startup individually.

Meet the five new companies:

Kumu: Kumu makes it easy to organize complex data into relationship maps that reduce complex relationships into compelling, visual databases that are easy to look at and easy to use.


Rubicon Financial Technologies: Creating tools and shared infrastructure as a service for blockchain development, Rubicon Financial Technologies Inc. is designed to lower the technical risk associated with blockchain technology. Rubicon provides access to a large and growing list of blockchain protocols to meet the needs of mobile and remote developers.

Spectrin Therapeutics: Spectrin Therapeutics is developing the first cardiac-specific diagnostic tool to detect a novel biomarker that enables early detection of cardiac changes before a cardiac injury.

Stash Duell: Stash Duell helps subscribers build healthy and sustainable financial behavior by rewarding them for saving money through gamification.

Unmanned Science: Unmanned Science strives to give people superhuman abilities through human-machine teaming. The company was formed to research and bring to market new technologies to make our world safer and more connected.

Rev1’s startup studio connects startups like these to the resources they need to build high-growth companies. From Rev1 Learning Labs to mentors and advisors, to connections to diverse talent and sources of capital, we are here to help.

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