Welcoming Eight of the Newest Rev1 Clients

Rev1 Ventures is off to a fast start with eight new clients entering Rev1’s Investor Startup Studio. The entrepreneurial economy of Ohio greatly benefits from an active pipeline of market-validated startups like these.

We help connect these young companies with the resources they need to build their high-growth companies, from mentors and advisors to corporate partners, to sources of investment capital.

Meet the companies.

ARMA produces sprayable, second-skin technology to protect objects, skin, and fabrics from the external environment. The technology maximizes wearer protection by increasing safety with “spray-on” gloves that are affordable, sustainable, and comfortable. https://www.linkedin.com/company/armadillogloves/about/

Assurance, LLC provides financial management and lending services through an array of innovative tools and services that help members conveniently and efficiently attain a better financial lifestyle. https://dev.appnet.com/giftofassurance/

Biatrial Cath, under development at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, is a novel biatrial catheter meant to improve patient outcomes with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) through enhanced patient movement, minimization of traditional ECMO complications, and improved quality of life.

CardBoard is the creator of Kandoop, a new “super-app” platform for core productivity and communications. Kandoop can be easily and effectively used by large and small organizations and individuals. Available for iOSand Android, Kandoop is described as a remember-it, do-it, and share-it tool that can eliminate the need for multiple single-purpose apps. https://www.kandoop.com

Neural Ear provides innovation in hearing technology by purifying speech in a loud room, in real time, enhancing hearing via headphones, hearing aids, and other instruments. It strengthens voice recognition applications and promotes clarity in microphones. This is accomplished without internet connectivity; noise filtering code has been miniaturized, using only the processing power of a cellphone. These capabilities reduce or eliminate background noise, one of the most common complaints of current hearing aid technologies. https://www.neuralear.com/

Trace is the simplest way ever to make augmented reality (AR) experiences and recordings anywhere in the world. This content creation platform allows users to set up immersive 3D experiences within moments for retail, events, training, and more.” www.trace3d.app

Vigil Software is an annuity service platform that helps carriers, distributors, and advisors automate in-force service, manage policy data, and streamline their processes. A simple interface and API provide teams with a service toolkit that makes in-force policy management more efficient, helping teams spend more time with customers. https://www.vigil.fi/