Welcoming 12 New Startups to Rev1’s Startup Studio

Twelve new startups have entered Rev1’s startup studio. These high-growth companies are tapping into the region’s largest network of seasoned startup advisors, entrepreneur resources, and funding options. During this pandemic, recession, and social change, this speaks to the creativity and determination of Central Ohio’s entrepreneurs.

With big ideas to solve big problems—and the optimism and tenacity to validate markets and create business plans that lead to success—these entrepreneurs are jumping into the game. We are fortunate to work with each of them.

Meet the twelve new companies.

Breakaway Systems is developing a soft-serve ice cream machine for away-from-home food businesses that would be more economical than traditional soft-serve or custard machines. It would enable restaurants and food service providers to include soft-serve more easily.

DASI Simulations uses predictive AI to reduce complications from heart surgery.

DV8 provides software that allows air traffic controllers to create efficient flight routes that will reduce fuel cost, avoid bad weather, and increase on-time flight metrics. DV8 is developing tools not found elsewhere in the aviation data analytics market.

Food Forest is a new way to shop fresh food and more at everyday low prices. Getting to the grocery store isn’t always easy. Food Forest makes online grocery accessible to everyone. This SNAP/EBT friendly service gives everyone access to the convenience of online grocery shopping.


Franchise Max is the first CRM platform to give franchisors real-time management of franchisees and allow them to share resources, marketing campaigns quickly, and more with their franchisees. Franchise Max helps the franchise share a winning business model, and the franchisees reach a wider market.


Imperium Predictive Analytics is an AI platform that predicts energy markets for businesses purchasing long-term energy contracts. Their transparent insights give companies the confidence to make informed energy contract decisions without an expensive intermediary.

Microgravity Research Systems is advancing research to understand biological and chemical changes associated with space flight, including microgravity and radiation exposure. Microgravity Research Systems is developing simulators for a variety of research needs in the growing field of space research.


Multivarious uses Creative Technology Development—an interdisciplinary approach combining computing, design, art, and the humanities—to create solutions in healthcare, education, and more. From social platforms to an augmented reality experience, Multivarious specializes in cutting edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual and mixed reality.


Prichard Medical is developing a medical device guidance tool that augments free-hand tools for accurate placement of screw during spinal fusion surgeries. An estimated 13 to 50 percent of screws are misplaced during spinal fusions, leading to procedural inefficiencies, complications, and additional costs.

Redi.Health connects users with industry stakeholders like pharmacies, healthcare providers, payers, and vendors, providing users with an end-to-end health navigation tool. 

RxNXT provides the technology platform and easy-to-use tools that make it easy for employees and dependents to search for the best available price on prescriptions. This tool helps employers and plan sponsors to reward plan members for maximizing value with every pharmacy purchase. RxNXT aligns incentives between the health plan participant and plan sponsor.


SwiftFP provides innovative tax software solutions and services to tax professionals. SwiftFP is an authorized IRS e-file partner. Secured by Verisign® and powered by IBM®, its features are easy to learn and operate with time-saving client manager features and flexible customization options.