Video: Best Practices for Virtual Pitches to Investors

Your slide deck is ready. It is nearly showtime, so you launch Zoom. How do you knock your pitch out of the park over a video call?

Rev1’s Managing Director, Michael Kindrat-Pratt, and Manager of Corporate Connections, Andrea Ewing, share practical advice on meeting with investors. Watch this video to learn how to prepare for that make-or-break Zoom call, and how to conduct a winning conversation that has investors returning for more.

Enjoy this webinar and learn how to make these tips work for you.

  • When investors receive “warm” leads from their networks, they agree to the meeting. Why? They want their networks to send them deals.
  • Cold outreach works, but entrepreneurs need to make it personal.
  • VCs pay close attention to organic deal flow through their web site. Learn how to structure an email that gets a response.
  • It’s amazing what you can fit into a 300-character message on LinkedIn.
  • Reaching out to the junior person on a VC team can be an effective way to get your foot in the door.
  • Mindshare is hard to capture; how to make your Zoom call with investors memorable.

The Rev1 Ventures Toolkit provides excellent resources for entrepreneurs. Read more tips for creating the perfect investor pitch here. Download the investor pitch template here.



Andrea Ewing, Manager, Corporate Connections at Rev1 Ventures

Corporate partnerships and high-quality deal flow are the cornerstones of Rev1’s unique, stage-based investor startup studio.

As manager of corporate connections, Andrea advances both. She connects leading corporations that are actively seeking disruptive technologies with startups that are building ground-breaking solutions. Andrea also connects Rev1 portfolio clients with other potential customers—championing the startups with corporates for the innovation potential that startups can deliver. She has heard 425 pitches from entrepreneurs since 2017.


Michael Kindrat-Pratt, Managing Director at Rev1 Ventures

Michael manages our State Auto Labs Fund, a $25mm corporate venture capital fund that invests nationally in the insurtech vertical. He works closely with the State Auto Labs team on due diligence, valuation, investment terms, closing, and portfolio management. Mike has eleven years of early-stage investment experience, investing in 50-plus portfolio companies over that period via venture capital funds and angel funds. Mike holds a BS with concentrations in finance and accounting from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. He has held 458 first calls with entrepreneurs since 2018.