TOOL: Investor Pitch Template

As part of our support for the entrepreneur community, Rev1 Offers tools and tips that we think will be valuable to our audience. As part of the tools series, we review tips that are helpful along the startup journey.

Creating an effective investor pitch

A startup pitch—also called an investor presentation or business plan pitch—is an expanded version of your elevator pitch. You will have around 15 minutes to convince potential investors to take an in-depth look at your business.

The preparation for the perfect investor pitch begins long before you are invited to present. An effective investor presentation will show that you have you been spending months of hard work on hustling your business. Learn more about pitching to investors here.

Create your investor pitch.

What this template includes:

  • Rules for pitching
  • How to be prepared for Q&A
  • Things you should never say in a pitch
  • A template to craft your story

Remember, the number one rule of pitching is to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Pre-seed: Success at this phase leads to a product that customers will buy, and the company can produce and sell profitably. Download the pitch template for pre-seed stage here.

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Seed: At this stage, be sure to hone in on your exit strategy and how your use of funds will position you for a successful exit. Download the pitch template for seed stage here.

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