TriadXP Assembles Workouts for Fitness Guidance, Tracking, and Portability

Mike Elia, the founder of TriadXP, likes to stay in shape. A former corporate executive who is serious about working out, Elia experienced first-hand the challenges of keeping track of workouts, runs, calisthenics, and weight training when he was on the road.

“I had a variety of PDF workouts,” he said, “and I couldn’t find an app that would handle the variety. There was a weight lifting workout, running workouts, and so on, but I couldn’t find one to do it all.”

Fast forward a few years. Elia, now retired from corporate life, kept thinking about digitizing the PDF workout programs that people use every day. Elia connected with David Keene, now TriadXP’s CTO, and eventually Bill Grindle, CMO. Together, they’ve worked to make it easy and fast for fitness publishers, authors, and specialists to convert textual workout content into mobile exercise routines.

“There’s a ton text and image-based workout content in PDF or books out there. We thought, what if we could create a platform versus just an app that would help people convert those PDFs or book workouts to in-app workouts,” Elia said. “There could be an excellent market for that.

“At first, we were talking to personal trainers,” Elia said. “It was easy to want to help them. Then we said, stop. That’s not our market. We are not trying to help a specific trainer who wants to help a specific individual. We are a one-to-many model.”

Elia and Keene enrolled in Rev1’s startup studio. The feedback was harsh, and the market validation process helped TriadXP narrow up to a business model that could scale. TriadXP reached out to authors and book publishers a year ago, and the feedback was good.


Transforming Text-Based Fitness into In-App Audio-Visual Guided Workouts

The TriadXP platform converts a broad range of written content into in-app mobile workout routines. Content is marketed through TriadXP’s online store, accessible via TriadXP’s no-charge mobile app.

Elia likens the model to Audible, the platform that converts written books into audiobooks, which are then purchased and downloaded from the Audible store to the Audible player so readers can “listen” to the books.

“We have developed artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows us to take in virtually any kind of file, from a Word document to an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF, or more, and create something usable. We can even take a picture of a workout from a whiteboard and make it mobile,” said Elia.

“There’s a lot of great content out there,” he said, “and users want workout guidance, tracking, and portability, but most fitness and tracking apps require a big commitment on the part of the content provider to develop, maintain and populate. With us, the content provider just sends us the existing file, and they can be selling and distributing their programs as mobile workouts in a day or two and immediately available on mobile devices. We have had a lot of interest, even during the pandemic.”


Building Accessible Workout Content

TriadXP did a soft launch in early 2020 and now has dozens of content providers, including some of the world’s leading fitness experts. These independent trainers publish their PDFs and people who publish hardbound fitness books or fitness content on blogs or websites. The impressive list includes Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports, which offers numerous sports performance programsthrough TriadXP.

Exercisers at all levels can find workouts on the TriadXP web site.

Getting started on the TriadXP platform is easy. Users select and download workouts based on a trainer or provider, or type of workout. During the checkout process, they sign up for a free account. TriadXP provides links and instructions to download the no-charge TriadXP app from the App Store or Google Play.

Users can customize the workouts to suit their fitness levels, mood, and time. Dynamic voice and visual cues guide exercisers through each move and can be modified to suit individual needs. The Triad XP app provides tracking and logging capabilities. Exercisers can remove exercises, increase or decrease reps, set higher distance targets, and track everything, all virtually hands-free.

“We help content providers deliver mobile exercise programs as quickly as possible in a way that consumers enjoy,” Elia said. “We are going after providers who already have content and followers who want workout guidance, tracking, and portability—and helping them deliver a whole new workout experience to these customers without having to invest the time or money to build an app.”