TicketFire Holds the Ticket to Success

“Are paper tickets a thing of the past?”

Googling that question brings up pages and pages of examples, from trains to concerts to sporting events, in venues across the world, making it clear that digital ticketing is becoming the norm.

There’s exciting news on this front from TicketFire, a Columbus-based company that entered the digital event ticketing market in 2013 with an innovative app that allows people to convert and transfer paper tickets with a smart phone camera and few clicks.

This month, the company is introducing a new marketplace that features the lowest prices in the industry and more than $4 billion of verified ticket inventory. TicketFire makes it easy to use, transfer, buy, and sell tickets instantly using an iPhone or Android app.

“TicketFire is the most affordable and convenient way to buy and sell event tickets in the industry,” says Slater Meehan, TicketFire COO. “The price you see is the price you pay. No more outrageous fees.”

TicketFire, as well as sales initiated through the TicketFire app go to multiple marketplaces at once, increasing liquidity and likelihood of a successful sale. Purchased tickets are delivered to a buyer’s smart phone via text message. The app can be accessed online or via the TicketFire mobile app.

“Plus,” Meehan said, “there is the TicketFire advantage of being able to buy or sell tickets on the go, up until the time of the event.

Social Selling with TicketFire

Social selling, another unique TicketFire capability, allows peer-to-peer selling between friends on Facebook and other sites without the expense of going through a ticket exchange.

“This is a response to an increasing trend among Millennials and the younger population,” Meehan said. “TicketFire can facilitate these social sales with an an easier way to buy and sell tickets which closely aligns with the mobile, on-the-go life style of today.”

With its impressive organic growth in the iOS and Google Play app stores, TicketFire is expanding its social media presence by curating and promoting the best events at the best ticket prices within city specific Facebook groups. Ticketholders can sell on their own Facebook pages as well as have TicketFire simultaneously list the sale on numerous exchanges.

Building on TicketFire’s proven technology and 60,000+ user base

TicketFire’s new applications and features are supported by the company’s proven technology for digitizing tickets by simply taking a picture of them, allowing for easy selling and easy distribution with an “app-less” transfer once a sale is made.

“Two increasingly important factors within the event ticketing industry are convenience and trust,” Meehan said. “Our partners and our customers experience “wow” moments each time they use the app to buy or sell tickets which has led to our substantial growth and continues to lead them to choose TicketFire over the numerous options of buying and selling tickets available today.”

TicketFire has more than 60,000 registered users, and its technology is used at more than 300 unique U.S. events per week.

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The company has built a reputation in the industry and a trusted base of 60,000+ users and 1,700 power users with little or no promotion.

“All our growth has been through word of mouth, but that is about to change,” Meehan said. “Fans deserve lower fees, and with our easy-to-use features for buying and selling tickets and a frictionless ticketing experience, we are now beginning to promote our disruptive technology to gain broader adoption both in the U.S. and abroad.