TicketFire Makes Last Minute Ticket Sharing, Selling, and Donations Easy

Have you ever been caught at the eleventh hour holding paper tickets for a concert, play, or sporting event that you can’t attend?

Think of all the paper tickets that you could have sold, given to friends, or donated to a charity if only you had a way to get them at the last minute from your wallet or purse into someone else’s hands.

Now TicketFire, an iPhone and Android app developed by a Columbus-based startup, solves this problem and several more.

TicketFire Turns Any Ticket into a Mobile Ticket

TicketFire is the first mobile application that helps people convert paper tickets to digital tickets at the last minute (or earlier for ticket holders who plan ahead). The app is based on patent-pending OCR technology.

“For consumers, the app is free,” said Dillon Myers, TicketFire COO. “They get up to 10 tickets digitized free every month. Once a person crosses that threshold, the charge is 99 cents per ticket.”

To use TicketFire, all a ticket holder has to do is take a smartphone picture of any ticket, making sure that all event information (including barcode) is clear and visible.

In about five minutes or less, TicketFire securely creates a digital ticket. The app can create an image on a mobile screen or a PDF that the ticketholder can email or print. With a finger swipe on the TicketFire home screen, the digital tickets will appear on the ticketholder’s smartphone.

TicketFire makes it easy to move tickets at the last minute

That digital ticket can be transferred to another person with a couple of clicks—whether that person a friend on the other side of the stadium parking lot, a buyer across the city or state, or a complete stranger in another part of the world. (Register here.

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