The United States of Venture Capital

Rev1 Ventures recently achieved another first.

CB insights™ recently reported the most active tech venture capital firms in each US state based on how many tech-based companies they’ve funded there. In Ohio, Rev1 Ventures was ranked #1.

This ranking reflects Rev1’s investments in Ohio tech startups from 2011 through 2016 year-to-date (through 5/9/2016). It’s great to be at the top of any list, but especially this one. Here’s why.

In 2015, Rev1 funded more companies than ever before—29 companies that all are Central Ohio-based businesses. We have another two dozen startups moving through our deal flow pipeline and another dozen after that in various stages of market validation.

Those companies are right here, in our own backyard. Unlike many other leading venture firms, we invest exclusively where we live and work. That proximity matters, and here’s why.

The visibility into our deal flow is up close and personal. We dig into the technologies. We get to know entrepreneurs personally and over time. Through our program, beginning with Concept Academy™, we work directly with startups to validate their customers and markets. We help them vet out a business model built for growth and find talent to lead the effort. We make connections that help lead to first sales. We are engaged, hand-to-hand, day-to-day, not just in getting companies funded, but in helping entrepreneurs build business that succeed.

But more importantly than putting Rev1 on the map, is how we are helping put Central Ohio startups on the map.

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