Spotlight on 4 New Startups Joining Rev1’s Startup Studio

Four more new startups entered Rev1’s startup studio in October. That brings our 2020 three-quarter startup studio total to nearly forty entrepreneurial companies. These founding teams are inspiring. They persevere.

In this time of health and economic challenges, they are advancing technologies and solving new markets’ problems in new ways. From bio-printing inside the body to innovative health plans for small employers, from a student loan repayment business to an application for racehorse trainers, these companies and their founders are diverse. And one thing we know for sure, diversity produces better business results.

Meet four of Rev1’s newest clients.

Dolr, founded with a mission to lower financial barriers to education, is a student loan repayment platform accelerating its members to $0 student debt with their money, employers’ money, and money from the apps they use.

Intracorporeal 3D Printing of Tissue Engineering Constructs is based on a technology developed at The Ohio State University (OSU). This product integrates into standard minimally invasive robotic surgery systems to perform bio-printing inside the body, delivering therapeutic benefits without the morbidities associated with an open surgery.

The Rundown is a racehorse and race stable management mobile application that provides an information and communications platform for horse owners, trainers, and stable employees. The Rundown addresses nearly every aspect of working with racehorses—it is “A New Way of Keeping Track.”

UnifiHealth is a new type of health plan for small businesses and their employees based on a model of affordable and comprehensive health benefits that enables access to the proper healthcare, at the right time, at the right price. The UnifiHealth plan is based on virtual-first healthcare, with co-pays, no deductibles, and up-front pricing for medical therapies.

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