Rev1’s Top Success Stories of 2019

“The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them is a match.” – Will Rogers

Will Rogers* is a national icon and one of my heroes. He was a hard-riding, cattle-drive cowboy who turned his talent with a lasso and his way with words and gentle humor into a constantly evolving career.

This quote of Will’s pretty well sums up our approach to entrepreneurship in the Columbus region. We assemble the resources, advisors and funding options to help boost the odds of entrepreneurs lighting the fire of new company creation.

Like all good entrepreneurs, Will had the instinct to pivot when the market changed. He took his twirling rope from the Texas range to the vaudeville stage. He appeared on the radio early in the industry when crystal sets and headphones were the only way to hear. From the Ziegfeld Follies to silent pictures to talkies, he produced, directed, and performed adapting as the technology changed.

As a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, Will wrote more than 2 million words. If he were alive today, he would likely be a blogger extraordinaire (although “extraordinaire” is a word that plainspoken Will would have never used).

Will didn’t have Google Analytics or WordPress Stats to measure readership. (However, syndication in 600 newspapers with a potential of 40 million readers was a fair indication that he was hitting the mark.)

It’s different today. Audiences have infinite access and unlimited choice. And those of us who blog have great tools to guide us to blog about topics our readers are readers are interested in.

Here are our top success stories of 2019

Not surprisingly, readers zeroed in on the impact of startups and entrepreneurs.

*To learn more about Will Rogers from the Will Rogers Memorial Museums, click here.