Rev1 Ventures: Part VC, Part Accelerator

Recently, Rev1 Ventures announced a groundbreaking new fund—Rev1 Fund I.

Like entrepreneurs everywhere, Rev1 Ventures wears more than one hat.

True, we are a venture capital group that manages and invests a continuum of capital that reaches from Concept to Series A stage companies with investments of up to $1MM.

But we are so much more than that. We believe that entrepreneurs will be more successful if they have resources to help them overcome the key challenges they will surely face in building new companies.

As Bill Payne, the internationally recognized angel investor, entrepreneur, and mentor, often says, “It’s not only the money. It’s about the additional things that the right investor can bring to the table.”

Helping Startups Survive and Thrive Is a Team Sport

Rev1 fields a professional team of seasoned VCs and angel investors, entrepreneurs, executives-in-residence, and functional experts in product development, finance, and marketing. We work hands-on and hearts-in with startups, from first market concept to first customer revenue and beyond.

Our accelerator-like services are customized to our high-potential companies—but instead of just six to 12 weeks, our rolling program supports entrepreneurs for six to 12 months and beyond from Concept to Early Growth.

Rev1 portfolio companies find affordable office space and services in Rev1 Labs. Almost immediately, they begin to experience the benefits of “The Backyard Effect.” That’s our buzz word for the meaningful connections and collaborations that happen here in Columbus

Those connections include advisors and mentors and service professionals and other experts who have the specific know-how to work with startups to achieve key milestones. We are proactive in helping our client companies identify and recruit the talent they need. Our Jobs Board is their place to post.

Columbus’s Backyard Effect helped bring together Nationwide, The Ohio State University, Cardinal Health, and the other top companies and organizations, including The Ohio Third Frontier, to create the Rev1 Fund I.

Our venture model delivers measurable results:

  • $2. MM discounted professional services from expert firms
  • 2,000 advisor hours donated
  • $1MM in revenue in 2016 to startups from 100+ qualified customer leads

Investment capital is important. We won’t have startups without it. Supplementing that capital with robust services helps startups accelerate the milestones of a successful business plan.

At Rev1, we have both. That’s why so many of our region’s most exciting startups are working with us.