Rev1 Annual Report Reflects The Backyard Effect

This week we released our 2014 annual report. It’s a statement of how much impact a region can have on company and job creation when so many people and organizations connect and cooperate to help entrepreneurs start and build new businesses.

Consider these highlights from our client engagements and capital creation efforts:

Annual Report Blog Post-02

The metrics are important, but the entrepreneurial success stories that drive the numbers really pack a punch.

For example, Clarivoy, a company that helps companies measure their television advertising to make it more effective. After Clarivoy helped M/I Homes optimize their TV advertising, the national builder say a 189 percent increase in website visits attributable to TV.

Or Print Syndicate, a company based on self-expression, art, and pop culture that raised $4.25MM in venture capital.

And then there’s Simple-Fill, a spinout from The Ohio State University that is developing a technology that reliably and affordably compresses natural gas to fuel cars and trucks.

And these are just three of the stories from the last 12 months.

Any annual report is a snapshot in time. Although this annual report covers just one exciting year of entrepreneurial accomplishments, it reflects the long-term commitment and achievement of the many organizations and individuals in this region of connectivity and collaboration.

We call it the backyard effect.

From the Ohio Third Frontier, to our funding partners, to three game-changing Innovation Partners—Nationwide Children’s, Ohio Health, and Ohio State that who have dedicated $8 million in capital funds and have teed up 25 potential spinouts—it is unique how so many people and organizations are working together to make Central Ohio the place in the Midwest where entrepreneurs come to start companies and investors come to invest.

And we aren’t the only ones who believe in us. A new report by the Kauffman Foundation, listed Columbus at 12 in Startup Activity in the US. We jumped 10 spots, the most of any city. That’s because the rising tide of entrepreneurship here is lifting all the boats.

One of our portfolio clients said it best, “If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes a community to start a business.”

Thanks to Central Ohio for creating this backyard effect between corporations, service professionals, and research institutions, and the outstanding entrepreneurs of this region as together we build successful new companies.

You can read the full annual report here.


Look at a snapshot in our online annual report here.