Rev1 Portfolio Companies in the News: AwareAbility, ScriptDrop, and TicketFire

In Rev1’s investor startup studio, we work every day with entrepreneurs and innovators as they apply cutting-edge technologies to create solutions that create big opportunities or tackle big problems for huge markets.

Three of our client companies were in the news recently —AwareAbility, ScriptDrop, and TicketFire.

While these three businesses are as different as they can be, they all deal with delivery—from AI solutions that collect and deliver data from sensors in nuclear plants to software that improves medical prescription deliveries to patients, to apps that make it easy to deliver tickets to concerts and sporting events.

AwareAbility Technologies

AwareAbility Technologies, a spinout from The Ohio State University, makes previously impossible data collection possible through radiological power technologies, internet of things (IoT) data collection, and machine learning.

AwareAbility, is featured in this just-released Department of Energy (DOE) newsletter. The article (page 14) summarizes the results of AwareAbility’s SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I grant for proof of concept work in applying advanced sensor solutions to address key technology gaps in future nuclear energy systems.


ScriptDrop has revolutionized prescription delivery by seamlessly connecting pharmacies to a network of trained, professional couriers.

ScriptDrop and PDX, Inc., have announced a partnership that will provide ScriptDrop functionality in PDX dispensing software, ensuring pharmacists with a secure and compliant way to submit prescription delivery requests electronically.

Through this integration, pharmacists can electronically request prescription deliveries directly within their Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS) workflow. It’s a secure and compliant way to deliver medications to a patient’s front door.


TicketFire, an IOS and Android app that facilitates the digitization, transfer, and sale of event tickets simply by taking a picture, has announced a new and improved version of the TicketFire mobile application. Easily find upcoming and trending events and save 10 percent or more compared to other marketplaces.

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