Our Startup Studio: 2022 New Clients

When we welcome new clients into our startup studio, they gain access to educational programming, advisors, networking events, innovation space and more. Each year we are blown away by the work our clients our tackling and energized by their commitment to solving the world’s problems. Listed below are many of our newly engaged clients from 2022, learn about the work they are doing and how to connect with them!

Aquacare is developing a multi-robotic drone system that detects aquatic cyanobacteria, a type of algae that produces toxins harmful to humans and treats the water on site. This product addresses current challenges in water quality monitoring, provides a treatment opportunity that reduces the risks of toxins being released, and is environmentally friendly.

Asynt Solutions LLC provides temporary longitudinal barriers for highway and commercial construction projects. These barriers, which are intended to replace temporary concrete barriers, are manufactured with composite materials that have been engineered to absorb more energy during impact. They are 80 percent lighter than traditional concrete barriers, 7x more transportable, faster to install and remove, and reduce maintenance costs.

Bosa uses a single browser extension and third-party app integrations to collect and curate all a user’s tasks. Bosa works with people the way they work, so they can spend time doing the things they need to do, rather than organizing them.

Cocoon Technologies develops technology-enabled solutions to improve public safety and policing. Mindful of the stress civilians and law enforcement officers face during face-to-face encounters, the company’s first software is a contactless application for routine traffic stops, allowing motorists and police to interact via a cell phone video chat. The benefits for both civilians and police officers of reduced face-to-face contact range from decreasing the opportunity for danger to reducing the spread of airborne diseases.

DataFlik, LLC is a data platform that helps real estate investors accurately identify and target their best sources of investment property, homeowners who are most likely to sell. Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the system continuously adapts to market changes in real-time. Investors gain a competitive advantage with early identification of off-market and other highly motivated sellers.

DigiDoula is a mobile platform that connects parents to support as well as parenting and pregnancy experts who provide care, support, and knowledge. The DigiDoula app includes a newsfeed that engages and educates users about common issues and prompts them to access local services which could help resolve those issues.

Genosera is a gene therapy platform aimed at commercializing gene therapies for various diseases. Currently, Genosera currently has two patented therapies based on technology developed at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Genosera platform will also give supportive services, such as study design and manufacturing, to third-party organizations working on gene therapy solutions.

Glo provides world-class mental training for youth athletes. With Glo, youth athletes drastically improve performance and mental well-being, while in pursuit of their dreams. Athletes gain access to on-demand support, group support, and 1-on-1 training.

Hear Me Read, founded by a team of pediatric hearing loss professionals, provides a novel mobile platform to help children with hearing or speech impairment improve speech, language, and literacy. The technology parses the elements of children’s content, creating personalized audio and visual narrations of a book. Speech therapists or parents helping their child with at-home therapy can use the app to help children improve their literacy and speech based on their specific needs.

HyperPath Solutions provides a value chain of innovative products and services in digital pathology, whole slide imaging, cold chain logistics/biorepository services, and specialized kitting services.

Level 6 Cybersecurity is a patent pending, membership-based data analytics service empowering cybersecurity decision-makers to maximize the value of every dollar spent and every hour invested in cybersecurity. Level 6 creates information based on data that decision-makers understand and can use as a roadmap to make the best cybersecurity choices to meet their business needs.

Lucy is an AI-powered knowledge management platform providing employees simple access to all enterprise knowledge stored across different files, systems, and tools. Simply ask Lucy a question, and she instantly finds the specific answer needed from presentations, documents, videos, text, or audio. With Lucy, organizations democratize knowledge, increase productivity, create efficiency, and save time and money to gain a market advantage.

Movement Genius is a digital wellness platform that provides live and on-demand classes to help improve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of young people. Courses are designed by licensed psychotherapists and then taught by popular entertainers and social influencers to make the first GenZ mental health support relatable, relevant, and accessible.

NABR (pronounced “neighbor”) provides access to high-quality healthcare anywhere in the United States through in-person telehealth facilitation, medical testing, and advocacy. NABR schedules the patient’s telemedicine appointment with the doctor and sends a trained staff member to assist during the visit. NABR provides high-definition video via a mobile internet connection and brings the medical instruments, just like in the physician’s office.

Pick’d Flowers, an online marketplace that allows customers to easily customize unique bouquets based on colors, flower varieties, and meanings using high-quality flowers that local florists currently have in stock. Flowers are delivered exactly as designed. Customers receive photo confirmation after their order is delivered. The company is in pilot in most areas of Columbus.

PipeGen.ai is a multi-touch sales platform that creates automated sales sequences across multiple channels. PipeGen.ai helps companies find prospects and connect to them across email, phone, LinkedIn, and handwritten cards. The PipeGen cloud phone is designed for sales professionals and increases their connection rates.

ProMentor provides a virtual platform accessible from anywhere and year-round to help develop the next generation of athletes both mentally and physically through mentorship, collaboration, and technology. Individuals and organizations can collaborate seamlessly with measurable content, assessments, training programs, and live sessions while leveraging ProMentor professionals and experts within their respective groups. Proprietary data analytics will provide insights into individual and group progression coupled with external data sources in a single dashboard identifying trends and predictive analytics.

QurHealth, Inc. is a healthcare data management organization that delivers innovative healthcare information technology solutions across the healthcare ecosystem. QurHealth provides a suite of holistic healthcare offerings employing artificial intelligence (AI), machine language (ML), and data analytics, to meet the needs of multiple healthcare stakeholders, including care providers, payers, patients, and researchers. qurhealth.com

ReadySet Surgical provides cloud-based solutions to help hospitals and surgery centers streamline surgical supply chain processes for vendor-managed inventory to ensure that every patient and every patient-care team has the right equipment and supplies at the right time. ReadySet provides visibility, increases efficiencies, and avoids preventable surgical delays. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, EMR/ERP compatible, and secure.

RevQuest provides an AI-based platform that recovers revenue for hospitals from denied or underpaid claims and from healthcare payers. The proprietary artificial intelligence technology creates customized databases and analytic algorithms to map payer patterns and identify all rebilling opportunities, focusing on every claim to recapture lost revenue for all transactions.

StormImpact harnesses machine-learning technology and data analytics software to provide storm damage and customer outage predictions to utility companies. StormImpact currently serves utilities across the United States, driving down repair costs and minimizing outage times.

Tura2 is a concept stage biotechnology company developing therapeutics for traumatic brain injury from accidents, falls and ischemia due to stroke or cardiac arrest. In addition, the technology targets cognitive dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The therapies are based on research at The Ohio State University.

Vivus Solutions provides AI-based solutions for simultaneously processing ultrasound and x-ray data during percutaneous coronary intervention surgeries. These sorts of data, which are widely used by cardiologists, are currently analyzed manually or semi-manually. Fully automatic and accurate AI-based analysis can improve patient healthcare by helping decrease stent failure rates. The software is in prototype phase with non-human data at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.