Our Startup Studio: 2021 New Clients

When we welcome new clients into our startup studio, they gain access to educational programming, advisors, networking events, innovation space and more. Each year we are blown away by the work our clients our tackling and energized by their commitment to solving the world’s problems. Listed below are many of our newly engaged clients from 2021, learn about the work they are doing and how to connect with them!


Accentus Health, Inc. provides the S.T.A.R. Support mobile app and platform to address mental health and work-life balance disparities in company and individual wellness. A 100 percent confidential mental wellness platform, S.T.A.R. is based on research out of The Ohio State University to address stress and trauma in individuals and organizations. The dashboard-driven platform includes wellness assessments, mood checks, self-support exercises, coursework, videos, and more. www.accentushealth.com 

AdmissionWiz is an education technology company that is empowering students from around the world with better access to higher education in the United States. Its platform connects prospective international students with small to mid-sized higher education institutions offering high-quality education at an affordable cost. AdmissionWiz simplifies the U.S. admission and student visa process for international students by giving them easy access to the platform and expert admission counselors. www.admissionwiz.com 

CbusShops is a same-day retail logistics company that builds online marketplaces for shopping malls. With an affordable solution that gets products from retailers to consumers at speeds faster than Amazon, CbusShops’ hub-to-house logistics model keeps prices low and consumer experience high. www.CbusShops.com

Clockwise Logic LLC Has developed a solution that enables software developers and organizations to monetize their data processing scripts while protecting the developer’s intellectual property and the end user’s proprietary or sensitive data.

Color Coded Labs (CCL) is focused on providing training to people from underserved and historically marginalized communities. All are welcome. CCL makes possible significant earnings boosts through delivering in-demand technology skills and career pathways. Co-working space and a 16-week technology and coding boot camp remove barriers for enrollment and open doors for placements in great companies dedicated to diversity. www.colorcodedlabs.com

CoolYield Labs is developing a 100 percent solar-driven air conditioner. The technology uses only water as a refrigerant, eliminating fluorinated greenhouse-gas emissions. CoolYield would eliminate most energy and cooling costs of traditional air conditioning systems. 

Equitek is addressing the healthcare staffing and scheduling challenges that face the industry nationwide. Using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Equitek’s My Shift Health mobile application and technological infrastructure matches clinicians and other healthcare professionals directly with facilities to reduce staffing costs for facilities and improve work-life balance of healthcare professionals.

Games That Move You aims to revolutionize the rehabilitation and fitness industry. Using video games, artificial intelligence (AI), and sensor technology, the firm provides evidence-based exercises that are engaging and fun while ensuring proper exercise mechanics. Gameplay is driven by body movements, using AI to adjust the challenge based on how well a user can move. www.gamesthatmoveyou.com 

Hair Drop is a mobile e-commerce app where hair salons, stylists, and barbershops can buy hair and beauty supplies online and on-demand and have them delivered in less than an hour. Supplying top brands, including Alikay, Ampro, Aunt Jackie’s, Cantu, Cream of Nature, Kinky-Curly Naturals, Wahl, and more. 

HDO Health is a medical device portfolio company dedicated to bringing life-saving technologies to the world. The company’s first medical device in development is an innovative tourniquet technology commercialized in partnership with the Ohio State Innovation Foundation (OSIF) at the Ohio State University. This novel device is designed to stop bleeding more quickly and effectively in hard-to-reach junctional regions. www.hdohealth.com

HuMed Lifesciences is spinning out hybrid dental implant intellectual property from OSU that cultivates fast bone growth into the implant. Injections enhance bone regeneration, enabling physicians to tackle more challenging clinical cases without additional surgical interventions.

iCarenetwork is a care management platform that connects senior healthcare providers and caregivers to support aging in place. iCarenetwork helps providers and caregivers achieve better outcomes and increase safety by improving information flow and merging shared data into care pathways. The platform enables collaborative care teams, automated workflows, and increased health literacy. https://www.icarenetwork.com/ 

Improving Interviews equips companies to hire talent faster and gain insights from the interview process by providing tools and information to candidates to allow them to perform better in the interviews. An automated feedback system for both candidates and companies integrates seamlessly with existing candidate tracking systems. HiRerq.com 

Jeti is a social media app that shows you posts from other users within six to twelve miles of your location. By providing an experience grounded in the local community, Jeti is rethinking how we frame the ideal social network. In an age where the internet allows us to meet people from around the world, it’s easy to miss potential connections that could be waiting just across the street. https://jeti.app

Larad, Inc specializes in virus-like-particle (VLP) based technologies to address evolving disease challenges in poultry and aquaculture. This custom platform technology enables vaccines and diagnostics to be rapidly re-engineered to keep pace with mutating field viruses and added advantages in safety, stability, and manufacturing. https://laradinc.com/

Mastery Portfolio LLC helps schools significantly improve student success by collaboratively redesigning grading, assessment, and feedback practices. Schools engage Mastery Portfolio to drive student achievement through customized professional development and web-based tools for teachers. With The MasteryBook, the firm’s primary application, educators can implement and succeed with standards-based grading that supports teachers and celebrates progress with students and families. https://masteryportfolio.com/ 

MESH Works is a cloud-based global sourcing platform that includes a suite of cost-effective applications that will allow small to mid-size manufacturers to manage sourcing and procurement workflows in a centralized system.

Metactix provides gaming and esports software for the growing world of gaming and esports entertainment. The Metactix SaaS platform is used by game centers and arenas, school esports centers, and non-profits to provide an optimized and secure gaming experience while reducing costs and boosting revenue and gamer retention. www.metactix.com

My 2 Cents (M2C) is a new voice app that allows people to use voice assistant devices, such as Alexa, to earn cash and gift-cards by sharing opinions, playing games, and answering quick survey questions. By paying users for their opinions through their favorite connected devices, M2C will bring transparency and fair rewards back to the market research industry, through fun and engaging games. www.twocentsvoice.com

OSU PreCo: Cardiac Patch is a new therapy for patients who have suffered heart disease. The cardiac patch will allow new cells to be regrown on the heart. This will cause remuscularization. Once the heart is re-muscularized, the heart will once again pump at full capacity.

OSU PreCo: Cochlear Implant provides post-surgery software used by clinicians to objectively tune patients’ cochlear implants (CI), achieving optimal results. The patent-pending, web-based application reduces tuning appointments needed, freeing up audiologists to support new CI implantations.

Otologic Technologies is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help physicians better diagnose ear disease. The company’s software provides access to both human and AI-based clinical decision support so doctors can make more confident diagnoses for common and uncommon ear diseases The patented solution is based on technology developed at The Ohio State University and expanded with a grant from the National Institutions of Health (NIH). www.otologictech.com

Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is accelerating the transition to a clean energy future with Clean Energy Bridge, an efficient and cost-effective reversible fuel cell system that efficiently and cost-effectively generates hydrogen and stores energy. P2H2 generates hydrogen on-site and produces power when it is needed most during peak usage and outages. www.power-h2.com

Pretty Fly is a mobile and web-based application that allows time-pressed individuals to book self-care on the go by providing last-minute spa and salon openings at top-rated establishments. Pretty Fly connects these clients with salons and spas in real-time to help fill open appointment times.

ReAlpha Tech is a digital marketplace that simplifies finances and manages short-term rental investments. Qualified investors invest through ReAlpha’s real estate investor technology platform.Realpha.com

RedNOx, Inc. is developing a next-generation NOx (nitrogen oxides) sensors based on intellectual property developed at The Ohio State University. Prototype sensors are in evaluation for their ability to accurately monitor emissions of very low levels of NOx as mobile source emissions are reduced to meet federal and state ambient air quality standards.

Reformul8 diverts plastic waste from landfills and the environment to recycle into eco-friendly products. The company works with consumers and manufacturers to collect plastic waste to recycle it into new products, including 3D printer filaments. www.reformul8.com 

Renewable Gas Advisors is creating a platform to accelerate the decentralization and digitalization of energy resources. The firm will develop and host products and services that unlock and enhance energy monetization opportunities at all scales. 

Resolvve is a productive social media app where subscribers can earn monetary bounties by answering questions and completing challenges posted by others. It is competitive, so only the highest quality responses earn cash. The basics: browse, help others, get paid. resolvve.com

SciFi Innovations, a spinout of The Ohio State University, commercializes technology for joining carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) to metals with integrated sensing. This hybrid technology, termed smart carbon fiber integration, provides multi-material aircraft structures that are more durable, inspectable, and maintainable than current alternatives.

Studium provides a mobile application to centralize everything a college or university campus has to offer. Engaging at the earliest stage, Studium gives students a personalized campus experience to ensure they feel like they belong and are on their way to a fulfilling, successful college career. Studium is also an aid to institutional enrollment and retention initiatives. https://www.joinstudium.com/ 

Uleet is a health insurance company leveraging biometrics and machine learning to adjust prices while incentivizing healthy behavior to improve outcomes for individuals. Uleet aligns the interests of the consumer and the insurance industry.

Vohnt, LLC. Is creating a new operations model for immediate, convenient, and affordable access to car care. Vohnt picks ups and services vehicles where they are typically idle—parked at work or while owners sleep. The 24/7 operation redefines the car care industry with Cloud Car Care, one-click car care that covers everything from filling the tank to overcoming owner obstacles to delayed auto maintenance with cost-effective convenience. https://vohnt.com