More Companies Join Rev1 Ventures Investor Startup Studio

Several new startups have entered Rev1’s investor startup studio. From performance nutrition to chemical analysis to mobile marketing and biotechnology platforms, we are thrilled to be part of Ohio’s diversified innovation economy.

Meet the companies:

Hilo Nutrition: In the business of performance nutrition, attention to the athlete is in Hilo Nutrition’s DNA. The company provides a comprehensive gummy performance line with products that have been co-developed with the best trainers and professional athletes. From pre-workout to game time, Hilo Nutrition offers gummies to bring out the pro in you.

QC-EYE: Drug counterfeiting is a global challenge. Food safety and regulatory compliance costs industry billions. QC-EYE is developing a portable, cost-effective, handheld learning tool to identify a chemical or compound. The technology, based on neural networks, could replace time-intensive sampling methods.

Lucky Mobility: With a location-based advertising API for the mobile industry, Lucky Mobility brings personalized brand engagement and marketing to the growing location-based market. Mobility partners and brands can increase user engagement, brand awareness, and revenue opportunities per user. Consumers can connect with new brands and nearby stores.

Protein Science Capture: PCS specializes in the development of protein purification platforms for basic and applied research and biopharmaceutical production in the United States, with plans for worldwide expansion. PCS’s solution is designed to streamline the protein purification process, benefiting researchers, inventors, and manufacturers in biopharmaceuticals.