MFLUX Lighting Creates a Safer, Leaner Construction Site with Battery Powered Lights

Every construction site needs light—for sight, for safety, and for security. That may sound fairly straight forward, but for site managers, general contractors, and electricians, construction site lighting can be a headache at best and a source of accidents at worst.

“The temporary string lighting systems that most construction sites use are inefficient, a safety concern, and waste energy,” said Michael Filippakis, founder and CEO of MFLUX Lighting. “Think of strings of lights on a Christmas tree. That same idea is how many job sites are lighted. It’s been done that way for decades.”

Filippakis, a specialist in construction engineering and management who has managed large and complicated construction projects, has lived the problem that MFLUX Lighting solves. He has designed a patented wireless, battery solution to get rid of the wires, the bulbs, and the operating complexity of string lighting systems. There are three patents on the design.

It’s a Construction Site, Not a Christmas Tree

With advanced battery technology and wireless connectivity, MFLUX provides construction lighting with IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity. This solution is site-ready out-of-the-box, suitable for any size job, and doesn’t require generators.

“We launched our solution a few months ago,” Filippakis said, “and demand has been high. Customers enjoy the mobility and the one-day set up. This is an old-school industry. They don’t have time for fancy, gimmicky tools. As they are quick to say, they suffer no fools.”

Instead of stringing and restringing ropes of lights, MFLUX mobile light stands roll easily to wherever they are needed on a site. There are no wires or cables to pull out, roll up, step around, or trip over. MFLUX illuminates instantly, even if the jobsite doesn’t have the main power line coming in yet. The lights are GPS-enabled.

Each rechargeable unit carries a charge of approximately one month of normal use. Batteries can be swapped in the field and recharged via a normal wall plug overnight.

Next Steps

“We want our lights to act as a layer of added security,” Filippakis said. “Our next feature set adds motion sensors and cameras and add mobile phone alerts.”

MFLUX solutions also have applications in oil and gas exploration or disaster relief from hurricane, tornado, or fire.

MFLUX is Filippakis’ first venture as an entrepreneur. “Being an entrepreneur is a very self-motivating thing,” he said. “It’s all about knowing how to stay busy and the right amount of busy to stay.”

He has been encouraged by the resources and support for the entrepreneurial community in Ohio.

“I thought it would be more dog eat dog,” Filippakis said, “but instead everyone seems to realize how hard it is, and this is a great community with resources available and people who are willing to spend time on the phone with you, go through their war stories, tell you where they’ve been, and then try to help guide you in the right way.