Legal Checklist: Startup Milestones that Trigger Associated Legal Needs

Legal checklist for startups

Over the years, we’ve helped startups navigate the process of launching a concept and our experience has provided predictable milestones along the way. We’ve documented these milestones in checklist form to help entrepreneurs become informed, anticipate the milestones, and know when to seek professional help.

This tool presents a checklist of many of the relevant legal needs that a startup encounters when various triggering events occur. It is not intended to be fully comprehensive or a substitute for tax or legal advice, but it is a good reference point as you navigate the startup journey.

We are not tax advisors and aren’t offering tax advice. We do recommend that entrepreneurs and startup companies always consult their tax advisor about the specifics of the company’s situation.

In addition to our CFO-in-Residence, several attorneys and CPAs with experience in working with startups and entrepreneurs participate in Rev1’s First Connect program of experts and advisors. Learn more.

Free Legal Checklist for Startups