Introducing 5 New Startups to the Rev1 Startup Studio

In a fitting kickoff to 2021, we celebrate five more new startups entering Rev1’s startup studio. We are excited to work with these companies to innovate healthcare, leadership development, and AI.

Meet these exciting new clients.

OSU PreCo: Bedside Chat Communication Tools aid direct, individualized discussions between patients and their healthcare providers with a unique mobile application and suite of card decks with commonly asked questions printed on each card that express patients’ commonly described fears, values, and concerns. Providers can use this innovative tool to improve patient-physician conversations, enhance rapport, and increase patient satisfaction.

Samurai Data Analytics is a financial technology platform that provides trading solutions and risk management tools to asset managers, broker-dealers, hedge managers, and trading firms. Each day, powered by artificial intelligence, Samurai’s platform collects and organizes tens of billions of disparate data points from multiple sources to better define risks and identify opportunities.

The Elite Leader Alliance (MB Leadership, LLC) provides an AI-based, personalized leadership development platform for enterprises. Premium course content features the essential strategies of modern leadership, leadership masters from various industries, and free daily engagement activities prioritized based on personal leadership goals.

TriadXP provides proprietary conversion technology that transforms text-based fitness content, whether textual, book, or PDF, into a mobile exercise program. TriadXP delivers a wide variety of these mobile exercise programs from hundreds of fitness specialists and a free TriadXP app to bring them to life on mobile devices and help users work out better.

 ZapIT! Medical is developing a cloud-based Electronic Quality Assurance Record (EQAR®) application for the radiation, radiation oncology, and radiation safety communities. The system provides a paperless environment for managing quality control, safety, and documentation. Smartphone reporting and tracking alerts help issue management.

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