Introducing 4 New Startups to the Rev1 Startup Studio

With a spring in our step, we welcome five more new startups to Rev1’s startup studio.

We are incredibly excited to work with a cohort of companies providing such diverse solutions to healthcare, market research, advanced materials, human resources, and more.

Meet these exciting new clients.

Cogen Bioscience is biotech spinout from The Ohio State University (OSU). Based on technology developed at OSU, Cogen Bioscience is taking innovative approaches to cancer targeting using highly engineered molecules for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Color Coded Labs (CCL) is focused on providing training to people from underserved and historically marginalized communities. All are welcome. CCL makes possible significant earnings boosts through delivering in-demand technology skills and career pathways. Co-working space and a 16-week technology and coding boot camp remove barriers for enrollment and open doors for placements in great companies dedicated to diversity.


My 2 Cents (M2C) is a new voice app that allows people to use voice assistant devices, such as Alexa, to earn cash and gift-cards by sharing opinions, playing games, and answering quick survey questions. By paying users for their opinions through their favorite connected devices, M2C will bring transparency and fair rewards back to the market research industry, through fun and engaging games.


SciFi Innovations, a spinout of The Ohio State University, commercializes technology for joining carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) to metals with integrated sensing. This hybrid technology, termed smart carbon fiber integration, provides multi-material aircraft structures that are more durable, inspectable, and maintainable than current alternatives.

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