Inmobly: “What If” Advances Mobile Video

What if your phone had your own personalized version of mobile Internet with you all the time?

Inmobly figures out the content that users are interested in. Delivers it at the time that makes sense. And stores the video content in the device so that when you want it you have it…before you have to ask.

“At Inmobly, our tag line is intelligence in mobility,” said Ilke Akcasoy, marketing director. “We are focused on mobility and videos. Our technology is built for that. That’s proven by the major players in the mobile field—YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix.”

About 50 million people in the US watch video on their mobile phones, and the demand for mobile video continues to grow. More than 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic now comes from mobile, up 25 percent from 2013, and nearly 70 percent of smartphone users surveyed say that videos are perfect for smartphone viewing.

Inmobly provides true last mile CDN for mobile video

Inmobly’s TruEdge™ technology offers a solution designed to make mobile video virtually anytime and anywhere, providing video content without buffer delay or loss of quality. This solves challenges for viewers, content providers, and carriers alike.

“Our technology is extremely alert for off-peak times in the device, the application, or the carriers’ networks,” Akcasoy said. “It detects off peak times, mostly over nighttime, caches (downloads) content so that it reduces congestion in the networks at their busiest times.”

Inmobly doesn’t only help decongest networks, it helps carriers maximize their investment in infrastructure and improve the user experience through the speed and quality of video presentation and also by helping users economize on their data plans.
Inmobly users have the option to choose the timing of their downloads or to have Inmobly learn from their behavior how to best time downloads.

Inmobly predictive analytics are the secret sauce

“Inmobly’s technology is exceptional to understand what each individual user wants to watch rather than trying to fit anyone and everyone into a box. This gives us the opportunity to not only shape the data traffic but also relieve it by prioritizing what is most desirable to the viewer,” Akcasoy said.

“We provide smooth, uninterrupted viewing and an excellent value for video advertising. Additionally, our technology helps with digital rights management, an important consideration for content providers,” she said.

Inmobly is very reactive to storage and battery life. Its solution is not going to drain a device battery just to download videos at a certain time.

“We are aiming to come up with smarter ways of video viewing,” Akcasoy said. “As people become more and more accustomed to making and sharing videos on Facebook and Instagram, we will be there providing relief to the networks and unbuffered smooth viewing to mobile users.”

An international business headquartered at Rev1 Labs

Inmobly, a 2015 finalist in the South by Southwest Accelerator Competition, has customers in production as well as customers in pilot. With service on three continents, the firm has offices in Silicon Valley and Cairo, Egypt as well as the headquarters location in Rev1 Labs.

“Every day is a new day at a startup,” Akcasoy said. “We have a constant flow of planning, organizing and changing things as we go. We learn and adjust every day. We have to stay relevant, ahead of our game. We have a technology that our competitors don’t have and an agility that bigger companies don’t have.”

Akcasoy says that Inmobly benefits from being located at Kinnear Road.

“If I have questions about anything, usually somebody from Rev1 is available to respond to me one way or another,” she said. “It creates a particular momentum. It’s almost a luxury. Even if my colleagues are traveling—which we often are with customers around the world—there are like-minded people all around us in the building to keep the momentum running.”